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The Youth@SGNature initiative brings together NParks’ existing and new programmes to provide youth with more platforms to engage with nature and motivate youth to be stewards for biodiversity conservation and greenery. It is a key thrust under Singapore’s City in Nature vision where citizens play a key role in being stewards of our natural heritage. Through Youth@SGNature, NParks hopes to reach out to youth and provide opportunities for you to step forward as volunteers and stewards of our natural heritage and play their part in making Singapore a City in Nature.

Find out more about the Youth@SGNature programmes below.


Exposure to Nature

[NEW] MOE-OBS Challenge Programme A new partnership between NParks and Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) will enhance the MOE-OBS challenge programme to enable Secondary Three students to participate in activities that open conversations on deeper issues relating to the environment, such as biodiversity, climate change, eco-literacy, pollution and sustainability. Examples of activities are biodiversity surveys, tree planting, folklore story-telling, coastal clean-up, learning more about natural habitats and human-wildlife coexistence. 
Biodiversity Week for Schools Biodiversity Week for School programmes take place in schools, and parks, gardens and nature areas, and involves partners from schools, research institutions, and nature-interest groups. Students participate with their schools in a series of activities in Biodiversity Week, such as BioBlitz for Schools, Green Wave, and Playtime with the Herp Squad.


In-depth Involvement

Greening Schools for Biodiversity This programme involves the targeted planting of native, biodiversity-attracting plants in schools. Students and teachers learn to identify and document different species found in their on campus, and implement outreach initiatives to raise appreciation and awareness of biodiversity within their school grounds.
Community in Bloom Community In Bloom aims to promote a gardening culture among Singapore residents by encouraging and facilitating gardening efforts by the community.
NParks CIN Biodiversity Watch Under this programme, monitoring of butterfly, dragonfly, garden birds, heron and intertidal species in our parks, gardens, and nature reserves is carried out by citizen scientists to help us understand the quality of the habitats, track the number and richness of species over time, and develop management strategies to sustain or enhance these populations.
Science Communications for CIN Ambassadors Through this programme, students are equipped with knowledge and skills that will allow them to effectively communicate Singapore’s biodiversity and nature conservation-related topics to the public in creative and engaging ways.


As Stewards for Nature

[NEW] Youth Stewards for Nature

For committed youth who are keen to tackle challenges in landscape, horticulture and ecology, the Youth Stewards for Nature (YSN) programme will provide mentorship and further opportunities under NParks staff and partners to plan and implement various initiatives and projects.

Targeted at youth aged 18-25, participants get to take up a project offered by NParks, for a duration of three to six months, to solve real world problems in research, outreach, biodiversity conservation, or horticulture and landscape design. Some examples include:

  • Assist in a species recovery action plan
  • Assist in designing a Nature Way
  • Assist in designing therapeutic gardens
The first round of the programme has started in January 2021.


Join us to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) by participating in a suite of online events and activities from 5 to 26 September. We encourage you and the community to discover and learn more about nature and nature-based solutions in Singapore. 

Find out more about the online events and activities here.

Last updated on 29 April 2024

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