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Highlights of Green Friends Forum (GFF) Experience

GFF Experience is a short and sweet 3-session sampler on topics about horticulture, arboriculture and landscape design. Find out more about the experiences of the participants in 2021 below.

GFF Horticulture Experience

Held on 24 April 2021, participants learnt heaps at the Horticulture experience from our plant experts about the secret life of plants; how they play an important part in everyday products and their relevance in different cultures. They even had a shot at propagating herb cuttings and got to bring home their unique table-top creations!

Photo highlights and excerpts of participants' feedback of the Horticulture experience 2021:

GFF Hort Experience 2021 Highlights

 "Today's session is a great start to what's to come in the next few weeks. It is indeed an eye opener as we have not experienced some of these activities before or may not get a chance to try them if not for this GFF. Looking forward to more interesting sessions like this!"

-- Jarius Wong, working adult

 "Great programme, I think the presentations are meaningful because it relates to my course and adds to our learning. We get to bring back something interesting as well so that is a take-away literally. Keep it up!

-- Joshua Liang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


GFF Arboriculture Experience

Held on 26 June 2021, the Arboriculture experience was an introduction to the world of urban tree management made alive through candid sharing by NParks’ practicing arborists on their experiences and what it takes to care for the trees in our City in Nature. Participants also got to witness tree climbing as well as try their hands at resistograph drilling and setting up a throwline. 

Photo highlights and excerpts of participant feedback of the Arboriculture experience 2021 session:

GFF Arb Experience 2021 Highlights

“Very fun and informative session with friendly and experienced mentors! Exciting and very hands-on activities too. Very inspiring talks about Singapore’s vision and on-the-ground work to achieve a City in Nature!”

-- Samantha Poh, Graduate student

“Today was a fun experience! I learnt basic tree climbing and what to look out for in the surveying of trees. I also learnt how to conduct surveys, use the tools and read the data. Great workshop today!”

-- Joshua Liang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

 “Today's session has been a great experience into the field of Arboriculture. Although just a basic introduction, it's very informative in giving us a general appetiser to what our tree friends have been doing in their daily lives. Through this session I understand the underlying work, considerations, planning and the advanced technology involved in urban tree management.

-- GFF participant, 2021


GFF Landscape Design and Parks Development Experience

Held virtually on 24 July 2021, participants were treated to an interactive session covering landscape design and park development. They watched a video sharing by NParks’ landscape designers on how they communicate ideas and concepts through design. Besides sharing their thoughts on what City in Nature means to them, the participants also debated in a fictitious Townhall session as different stakeholders over the development of an imaginary park. They were also given a glimpse into the new technology in the future greening of Singapore. At the end of the session, participants also pondered over the design considerations in a mini hands-on park designing exercise.

GFF Landscape Design Experience Highlights 2021

Participants experienced a wide array of pre-design and development considerations during the interactive session.


An Act for Greenery

Take the lead and act for greenery! Inspired by your GFF Experiences on Horticulture, Arboriculture and Landscape design, tell us how you can be a leading steward for greenery through small but impactful acts!

Send in your photos and share about your “Act for Greenery” here!


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Last updated on 30 July 2021

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