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Youth Nature Explorer

Are you a youth (aged 16-25) who has an interest in urban greenery or biodiversity? Join this Youth Nature Explorer programme to advance your knowledge and further your interest!

Launched in September 2020, Youth Nature Explorer is a joint programme under Biodiversity Friends Forum (BFF) and Green Friends Forum (GFF) which enables youth like you to take a more holistic view at conservation, by pairing the knowledge of biodiversity with horticulture, to understand how flora and fauna interact in the ecosystem.

This programme brings together a selection of landscape, horticulture and ecology activities that you can take part in. You will gain exposure to urban greenery and biodiversity with activities organised by various NParks divisions and its partners. To complete the programme, simply participate in 3 such activities within a year and complete an assignment after each activity.


Sign up for the Youth Nature Explorer here!

Registrations are open on a rolling basis and reviewed once a month. 


More about the Biodiversity Friends Forum and Green Friends Forum

The Biodiversity Friends Forum (BFF) is an existing initiative under the Biodiversity Roundtable that provides a platform for youth to seek mentorship, skills development, and form relationships with like-minded youth who are interested in biodiversity and perform acts for nature through the annual BFF Challenge. To date, capacity building workshops, fireside chats and capacity-building workshops for youth interested in biodiversity have been organised by the BFF team, comprising NParks and partners from the Biodiversity Roundtable. To learn more about activities under BFF, please click here.


The Green Friends Forum (GFF) will start in late 2020 and enable youth to be engaged with horticulture and urban greenery issues in Singapore. This programme aims to get youth to participate first hand in a range of specially curated urban greenery volunteer activities across NParks that include research, monitoring and hands-on maintenance works. Through their active participation in GFF, youth acquire technical knowledge and better understanding about urban greenery and appreciate the importance of living in a green environment.

We hope to empower youth to become stewards to other like-minded youth to grow a City in Nature together.


Youths joining an intertidal walk to learn about the intertidal organisms


BFF participants organising a Habitat Enhancement session for their peers


Youths observing otters during a BFF Challenge field trip


Images above were taken before the Circuit Breaker.

Last updated on 09 October 2020

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