National Parks


  • Our Streetside Companions

    Our Streetside Companions

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    How many streetside trees can you identify? Learn more about eight common trees that line our roads.

  • Yummy Yakitori Grilled to Perfection

    Yummy Yakitori Grilled to Perfection

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    In the heart of Bishan-AMK Park is ToriYard, a Japanese restaurant serving up quality yakitori and other delicious delights.

  • Three Long Runs

    Three Long Runs

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    If you enjoy running on long routes, it may appear that you have run out of space on this small island. But link up our various park connectors to enjoy a little bit of greenery and wildlife en-route to some underrated running spaces.

  • Flora Fauna Fraud

    Flora Fauna Fraud

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Certain animals and plants are masters of disguise that use deception to survive. From leaf-like animals in forested areas to a plant that ‘lures’ insects to their deaths with a sweet scent, learn how some of our local flora and fauna use ‘fraud’ to their advantage.

  • Playing In Nature

    Playing In Nature

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Nature playgardens are designed with biophilic elements and natural materials meant for the young to engage in child-directed spontaneous play. Discover three playgardens perfect for kids to enjoy while learning about nature.

  • Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Lakeside Garden is the new hot spot to go to get all your favourite Instagram pixs. Here are eight locations – some still relatively secret nodes – you have to visit!

  • Day Out with Your Pets

    Day Out with Your Pets

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Are you a pet owner looking for pet-friendly places to explore? Here are five suggestions for places to go and things to do in our green spaces with your canine friends.

  • Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Singapore turns 54 this year! In celebration of this birthday, we re-examine 10 local icons, presenting interesting facts and figures about them that you may not know about.

  • A Fabulous Time At The Fabulous Baker Boy

    A Fabulous Time At The Fabulous Baker Boy

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Looking for a place to have a good meal and fabulous dessert? Check out the Fabulous Baker Boy at the foot of Fort Canning Park.

  • Taking A Ride Through The Northern Explorer Loop

    Taking A Ride Through The Northern Explorer Loop

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Wondering where to cycle during the weekends? Looking for a bit of a challenge? How about checking out a stretch of the Northern Explorer Loop?

  • A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Find out how Mrs Kirtida Mekani was inspired to start the Plant-A-Tree programme and why she decided to encourage others to care for our natural heritage.

  • Seeking Gardening Volunteers!

    Seeking Gardening Volunteers!

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Love the outdoors and have a green thumb? Join HortPark’s new volunteering programme for gardeners. The “HortPark Care for Plants” programme is open to interested members of public of all ages. It provides you with opportunities to share your knowledge and gardening skills with others.

  • Going Green With Blue Jeans

    Going Green With Blue Jeans

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    You've owned your favourite pair of jeans for the better part of this decade, and loved them since Day 1.But the time has come to part ways - the jeans are getting worn out from old age, and your waist size isn't exactly what it used to be. And it is always with some sadness that you say goodbye to the faithful denims that accompanied you all the way from campus days to casual Fridays at the office.

  • A Chugging Good Time

    A Chugging Good Time

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    I spent a considerable part of my childhood in Tiong Bahru as my family used to live in the vicinity. I remember accompanying my mum to the wet market in the mornings and having breakfast at the food centre after that. For years, even after we moved away from Tiong Bahru, my dad would make a trip down at least once a month to get his hair cut by his regular barber. Till today, my mum still goes to the Tiong Bahru market on weekends, because she claims the produce there is fresher.

  • Journey Through The West

    Journey Through The West

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    In the famous Chinese classical novel 'Journey To The West', the Monkey God and his companions embarked on an epic quest to bring back Buddhist scripture. Along the way, they fought battles with demons, forged wide rivers, and scaled mountains and volcanoes.

  • Home-cooked Goodness In A Garden

    Home-cooked Goodness In A Garden

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    I was pretty stoked about my mission to review Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant at Toa Payoh Town Park. It has an illustrious history dating back to when it was located at Kallang, next to the Indoor Stadium. For 35 years, it built up a solid reputation for serving authentic Taiwanese dishes, and attracted large droves who frequented the restaurant at all hours of the day. Oasis moved to Toa Payoh Town Park about a year ago, and it is now a popular dining haunt for old and young alike.

  • Afternoon Delight: Sweet Treats at Bishan Park

    Afternoon Delight: Sweet Treats at Bishan Park

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    The Green Room is a nice, cosy vegetarian café tucked amidst lush greenery in Bishan Park. Its latest offering, "Afternoon Tea in the Park", is available on weekdays, from 2pm to 5pm, at just $12++ per person.

  • A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    For most of the children who visit HortPark, the gardening hub, playing in a park comes as a most natural thing to do. But when you’re a kid who’s living with cancer, opportunities to run about and play may not always come so easily. And so, on 31 October 2010, HortPark was transformed into a carnival ground for “Happee Day”, planned especially for 50 young folks from the Children Cancer Foundation.


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