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Welcome address by Dr Leong Chee Chiew, Chief Operating Officer, National Parks Board, at the Launch of Tanjong Pagar Ricoh Park (21 October 2005)

22 Feb 2006 Mr Charles Ho, Chairman, Garden City Fund; Mr Kirk Yoshida, Managing Director, Ricoh International Business Group; Mr Shuzo Saito, Managing Director, Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd; Distinguished Guests; Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you this morning to the Launch of Tanjong Pagar Ricoh Park. This pocket park that we are standing in this morning is only 0.6 hectares in size. Despite its relatively dimunitive size, this park has high significance. As some may say, the best things come in small packages. Being located in the CBD area, which is already so built-up, it provides a precious green space in the midst of all the skyscrapers for office workers and visitors to unwind, de-stress and interact with one another in a lush garden setting. In this respect, the Tanjong Pagar Ricoh Park will fill a niche that our other larger parks, being generally located outside the CBD, may not be able to easily fill. Office workers need to unwind occasionally and on some days we may have wished that we could just get away for a quick break. But we may not have the luxury of time to go during the workday or lunch break to one of the larger nearby parks like Fort Canning Park, or even to Marina City Park. We hope that this newly upgraded park, with its beautifully planted landscape and high accessibility, will help our workers to achieve a healthier work-life balance by providing a nearby yet pleasant place of relaxation during the workday. To that end, we designed the park to have a variety of plants and shrubs, as well as other amenities. In time when the plants establish, the park will be dotted with colourful blooms, complementing the mature Angsana and Pink Mempat trees, with improved lighting, new trellises and climbing plants that add to the lush ambience. With these new features, I am certain that this park will give the office workers in this area an inviting place of rest and recreation. To further ensure that the park serves the needs of its users, NParks and Ricoh have designed the Plaza area of the park to be a vibrant venue for public events and activities, such as today?s carnival that we specially organised to celebrate this event. There are educational messages and interpretive signs on the greenery, as well as unique and special Ricoh benches made from recycled toner cartridges to build awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. These will help spread the message that conservation efforts can and does result in practical and beneficial results for the man-in-the-street. Apart from the park being a green refuge in the city, NParks will also be organising and supporting activities in the park to maximize the park?s utility and ability to cater to the needs of our people. I would like to point out that this park is the first pocket park to be developed with the support of a corporate sponsor - Ricoh. This makes the park exemplary of what a 3P partnership can achieve. The government, while always providing for the basic foundation and infrastructure of the Garden City, cannot build and bring it to the next stage of evolving Singapore into a City in a Garden without the support of the community. I am therefore heartened by Ricoh?s generous and enlightened support, and would like to thank Ricoh for helping us make the Tanjong Pagar Ricoh Park a successful reality. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Yoshida and Mr Saito for joining us this morning. I would also like to thank our Guest of Honour, Mr Charles Ho, for gracing this occasion. Thank You *** Related article Speech by Mr. Charles Ho, Chairman Garden City Fund, at the launch of Tanjong Pagar Ricoh Park *** View other speeches
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