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MND National Day Observance Ceremony

08 Aug 2006

To mark our nation's 41st birthday, the MND family descended on the newly-opened Botany Centre at Tanglin Core on the morning of 8 Aug 2006 for the MND National Day Observance Ceremony. It saw an attendance of more than 100, of whom many would be visiting the Green Pavilion for their first time.

Among those who graced the occasion were the Chairmen and CEOs of the statutory boards of the MND family as well as the MND senior management. The ceremony started in earnest with the arrival of Mr. Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development at 9am. For the first time at the new Botany Centre, the Singapore flag was raised amid the singing of the national anthem ?Majulah Singapura?. This was followed by the recital of the Singapore pledge led by two officers from MND who have recently became Singapore citizens and five of our NParks colleagues.

Vairavelu Ramasamy, Asst Secretary, NParks Staff Union and Asst Secretary of AUPE delivered the National Day Message from NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Lim Boon Heng. In Mr. Lim?s speech, he spoke of how a win-win partnership can be developed for employers and workers so that together a brighter future could be achieved for all.

Minister took to the rostrum and gave a short roundup of each MND agency?s contribution to the growth of our nation. In his speech, Minister mentioned how every one of those present at the Observance Ceremony had a part to play and urged all to all work together to contribute to the success of Singapore.

Certificates of appreciation to all MND agencies and key union representatives were then given out before our very own NParks colleagues, decked in costumes of their own ethnic group, took to the stage for a 10-minute performance of a medley of national songs.

The highlight of the ceremony was Minister?s cutting of the birthday cake, which was decorated with orchids. That marked the end of the ceremony and all participants were invited to a tea reception. First-time visitors from our MND family were also treated to a tour of Botany Centre guided by our NParks colleagues.


Speech by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, at the MND National Day Observance Ceremony 2006 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens


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