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Singapore to have International Standard Skatepark at East Coast

03 Sep 2006
  • MCYS and NParks today unveiled the concept design for the brand new Skatepark at East Coast Park.  Incorporating a beach front setting, this will be Singapore?s first international standard Skatepark to cater to extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • The Skatepark development, including the main active spaces and surrounding amenities and viewing features, is estimated to cost $6mil and is expected to be completed by early 2008. 
  •  Features to Suit Different Users

    1. The new Skatepark will feature a Plaza Section[1], a Park Section[2], and a Bowl area[3], and the three sections will merge seamlessly to form a larger course that would enable our extreme skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers to hone their skills and practise their routines for recreation and competition.  The course is about 3,000m2 in area, the size of 2? Olympic-sized swimming pools, and both beginners and professionals will be able to enjoy the Skatepark and find features that suit their skill levels.

      [1] The Plaza Section contains a mix of real street obstacles, including various stairs, rails, ledges & hubbas.  There is a real mix of heights to enable progression and cater for various abilities.

      [2] The Park Section is designed to maximize flow and lines.  With a mix of hips, extensions, jump boxes and pyramids, this section covers all the park requirements for both day to day and competition use.

      [3] The Bowl area includes a number of linked feature bowls which create a major transition zone that will attract significant international interest.


    1. The Skatepark will also be enhanced by surrounding features such as a caf? with decking and spectator seating areas for both daily viewing as well as major competitions.  

    Consultation with Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

    1. The Skatepark has been designed with extensive consultation with local extreme sports gurus and enthusiasts.  Mr Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary Secretary of MCYS emphasised the importance of involving the youth in the design of the Skatepark. He said, ?We want to build a facility that youth would be proud to call their own, and to use over and over again.  We are taking a consultative and inclusive approach in building this international standard Skatepark.? 

    1. To create a top class facility that will draw both local enthusiasts and international professional athletes, CONVIC Design, a professional skatepark design firm, has been chosen. The Australian firm specialises in designing concrete skateparks, and their portfolio includes Australia?s three largest parks and the world?s largest skatepark in Shanghai, completed in 2005.

    Enhancing Recreational Facilities at East Coast Park

    1. Mr Ng Lang, CEO of NParks, is excited about this new development at the East Coast Park: ?Our aim is to cater to the widest possible range of lifestyle and recreational activities in our parks.  Whether you are looking for a quiet corner or high-energy buzz, we hope to have a place for you in our parks.   This latest addition will be a stunning facility with the sea as a backdrop, and will cater to a growing group of extreme sports enthusiasts.  Located close to other sporting facilities such as cable skiing, windsurfing and beginners? inline skating, it will help establish a sports cluster at East Coast Park and will add vibrancy this high-energy part of the park.?  

    1. The Skatepark has been designed to maximise interaction with its coastal setting, and the caf? and seating areas have been configured to provide spectators a view of the daredevil stunts set against the backdrop of the sea.  The Skatepark itself successfully meets the needs of local users with an exciting mix of park, bowl and street elements whilst at the same time offering a number of major unique bowls and feature plaza spaces that will attract international interest.

    1. Mr Eddie Goh, owner of Go Sports and local extreme sports guru is pleased with the development: ?Finally, we are going to have a Skatepark that has been designed extensively with the input and interests of the extreme sports community in mind.  I hope this will help to take the sport to a new level in Singapore.?








    Please see Annex A1-4 for visuals.

    Please see Annex B for summary table. "
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