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"Olympics Of Orchids" Returns to Singapore After 48 Years - Singaporeans will be Treated to Stunning Orchid Displays from Around the World at the 20th World Orchid Conference and "find a little piece of paradise".

13 Jul 2011 Singapore, 13 July 2011 - The 20th World Orchid Conference (20WOC) returns to Singapore after 48 years with the theme 'Where Old World and New World Orchids Meet'. Singapore is the only Asian city with the rare privilege of hosting the iconic international event for a second time. Set to take centre stage in the world's floricultural calendar from 13 to 20 November 2011, this triennial international event will be held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. During the eight-day show, Singaporeans will be treated to a spectacular array of orchid displays with the finest and rarest species and exotic hybrids from around the world. The organisers of 20WOC, National Parks Board (NParks) and Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA), today announced the start of ticket sales to the 20WOC Orchid Show. They also unveiled a new orchid hybrid named "Renanthera 20th WOC Singapore 2011" in celebration of the event.

Unique in content, 20WOC comprises three components:

i) The World Orchid Show will feature more than 75 stunning displays of orchid species and hybrids by exhibitors from 23 countries that will invigorate the senses of some 300,000 visitors expected at the show. The displays at the World Orchid Show and the orchids within them will be judged by 200 international orchid experts from 25 countries to win top accolades in the orchid world. Ticket holders to the show will also gain complimentary entry to preview the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay, the iconic world-class waterfront gardens that will officially open in June 2012.

ii) A Conference with lectures, workshops and seminars by over 130 orchid experts from 31 countries covering the latest trends, technology, and scientific discoveries in the orchid world. The conference is expected to attract some 1,000 delegates from around the globe.

iii) A Marketplace where visitors can shop for the finest orchid plants, unique orchid-related products, and products with exquisite orchid-themed designs by 62 vendors from 14 countries.

"Singapore has a long-standing close association with orchids. Apart from the fact that our national flower is an orchid, Singapore has also welcomed many important guests including state dignitaries and people who have made significant contributions in their respective fields by naming our finest orchid hybrids after them. With our rich orchid heritage, it is apt for us to host 20WOC, and we are one of the few cities privileged to be able to host this iconic event for a second time. Hosting our first WOC in 1963 proved to be a huge stimulus for Singapore's economy and for the local orchid industry then. Today, it is an opportunity for us not only to showcase our rich orchid heritage and expertise, but also the best of Singapore, including the Gardens by the Bay and other new developments in the Marina Bay area" said Dr. Kiat W. Tan, Chairman of the 20WOC Organising Committee, and CEO of Gardens by the Bay.

He further added: "Through 20WOC, we also hope that Singaporeans will be able to learn more about our rich orchid heritage and the contributions of orchids to many products and discoveries, better appreciate the intricate beauty of orchids, and find for themselves a little piece of paradise at the show."

World Orchid Show: Congregation of orchid species and hybrids from around the globe

The 20WOC World Orchid Show runs over eight days from 13 to 20 November 2011 covering 16,000 square metres at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Basement 2. Orchid growers and enthusiasts from around the world will showcase their finest and rarest orchid species as well as newly-created hybrids to an expected 300,000 visitors and an international panel of 200 judges from 25 countries. The World Orchid Show, which is the largest orchid show ever to be held in Singapore to date, will feature approximately 50,000 orchid plants.

"At the World Orchid Show, you will get to see the most spectacular orchids and displays in the world. There is no other Orchid Show that is larger, grander or more prestigious. The competition

for the awards and trophies is intense. Winning an award at a World Orchid Conference is recognition that you are best of the best in the orchid world. This is why the World Orchid Conference is known as the 'Olympics of Orchids'." said Dr. Khoo Chong Yee, Chairman of Judging for 20WOC.

Tickets for the 20WOC World Orchid Show go on sale from today at and at the visitor counters at Singapore Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden. As an added incentive, participants and ticket holders will also get a sneak preview of the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay from 14 to 20 November 2011.

Conference: Plenary sessions and talks by industry stalwarts

The Conference runs over four days from 13 to 16 November and offers a full schedule of lectures, workshops and seminars covering all aspects of orchids, featuring over 130 speakers from 31 countries. The programme lineup is strong in scientific content, yet balanced with a series of talks and seminars that will meet the expectations of the commercial grower as well as the hobbyist. A diverse group of scientists, researchers, growers and hobbyists will present a variety of topics including the cultivation and appreciation of orchids, hybridisation, ecology and conservation. While international in focus, the Conference programme will highlight the Southeast Asian contributions to orchid science and cultivation.

"Historically, amateur growers, breeders and collectors worked in partnership with scientists and researchers to contribute to the art and science of orchid cultivation – truly a joint endeavour. To this day the WOC is a unique occasion, in the sense that hobbyists and professionals alike come together to share their knowledge, experience and appreciation at a very inclusive event. Singapore is also home to the oldest orchid society in Asia, with OSSEA being founded in 1928. Today, membership increases on a monthly basis, reflecting a growing demand and appreciation for orchids," said Dr. John Elliott, Chairman of the Conference component of 20WOC and President of OSSEA.

20WOC competitions
From today until 20WOC, a series of activities will be organised to celebrate 20WOC and raise awareness of orchids. The activities include an online photography competition, floral arrangement competitions, and orchid-related workshops and talks. For more information, visit, and

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