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Destination Parks

17 Mar 2012

Since the National Parks Board (NParks) started public consultation for the City in a Garden (CIAG) vision in August 2011, more than 4,000 ideas were received.  About 30% of that number relate to our parks. Some of the ideas gathered include developing parks to suit different lifestyle needs and enhancing play facilities in parks.

Arising from public feedback, NParks will be developing Destination Parks - large regional parks developed thematically to attract Singaporeans from all over the island.  They will feature recreational elements not usually found in public parks.

Three parks have been identified for redevelopment: Admiralty Park, East Coast Park and Jurong Lake Park.  These three parks were chosen for their geographical locations - one each in the North, East and West - and their unique characteristics.  The Destination Parks are expected to be developed within the next five to ten years.  

Admiralty Park

The largest park in northern Singapore, Admiralty Park has a naturally hilly terrain which opens up possibilities of a playground to feature giant slides and climbing slopes. 

Rich in biodiversity, the natural habitats in Admiralty Park can also be outdoor classrooms and exploratory gardens for people of all ages.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is already a popular park with 7 million visits annually, but we can still improve it to serve Singaporeans better.

For more family-oriented fun, play spaces with unique concepts currently not found in Singapore can be integrated into restaurants. Thus, adults can relax in the restaurants while keeping an eye on the little ones having fun at the playgrounds.

Sporting arenas could potentially be created and used to host local and international events.

Jurong Lake Park

Residents in the West can look forward to a revitalised Jurong Lake Park. The presence of a lake lends itself for a unique play experience such as an island-hopping adventure land.

Imagine a sprawling adventure playground connected by different islands, each filled with innovative play equipment installed within a natural setting. Being next to Jurong Lake, water features could be included in the playgrounds. 

Alternatively, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the lake as you stroll, jog or cycle along the waterfront.

Public Engagement

To further develop these ideas, NParks will organise roadshows and focus group discussions on Destination Parks. 

The exhibition on Destination Parks will start at Bishan Park on 17 Mar, and rove to shopping centres, housing estates and parks with high traffic, including NEX, HDB Hub, Downtown East, Jurong Point and HortPark.

The public is also encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions with NParks at NParks will then evaluate the ideas and incorporate suitable ones into the development plans for Destination Parks.


Last updated on 20 November 2014

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