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Three Heritage Trees dedicated to companies for contributing to greening of Singapore

06 Nov 2014

15 new Heritage Trees endorsed in Singapore, total number of Heritage Trees now 224


7 Nov 2014 – The National Parks Board (NParks), through the Garden City Fund, will dedicate three Heritage Trees found in the Singapore Botanic Gardens to City Developments Limited (CDL), Sembcorp Industries Ltd (Sembcorp) and Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH). This is in appreciation of the companies’ contributions to building our City in a Garden. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be presenting the Heritage Tree Dedication Awards to these companies tomorrow at the launch of the Clean and Green Singapore 2015 campaign.


This is the third time that Heritage Trees are dedicated to recognise organisations or individuals who have donated significant amounts to the Garden City Fund. A Heritage Tree Dedication Award is a prestigious mark of recognition for any organisation or individual who has contributed to the greening of Singapore. Each Heritage Tree Dedication is for life, and recipients will be presented with a dedication plaque at the tree as well as a photo of their tree. For a list of the trees and their locations, please refer to the Annex.


Professor Leo Tan, Chairman of the Garden City Fund said, “Like how our pioneers have worked over the decades for the greening of Singapore, Heritage Trees have presided over generations of Singaporeans since its early days. To thank the organisations for their continuous support and significant contributions to our greening journey, we are delighted to dedicate three of the Gardens’ Heritage Trees to CDL, Sembcorp and SPH. The combined efforts of corporate organisations, individuals and public agencies will enable us to sustain our natural heritage for future generations as we herald Singapore’s jubilee year in 2015.”


Newly endorsed Heritage Trees in Singapore


NParks today also announced that 15 more trees have been conferred Heritage Tree status, bringing the total number of Heritage Trees in Singapore to 224. Among the 15 trees which were endorsed, 6 are found in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and are part of the Gardens’ living heritage.


The Heritage Tree Scheme was first launched in 2001 to promote the conservation of our mature trees. Initially, 36 Heritage Trees were nominated by staff of the National Parks Board. However, in the past three years, approximately half of the nominations the Heritage Tree Panel received were from members of the public. Heritage Trees are endorsed by the Heritage Tree Panel based on a number of criteria including its girth and health. A Heritage Tree also has to be aesthetically, botanically, socially, culturally or historically significant.


Heritage Tree Dedication recipients


Mr Kwek Leng Joo, CDL’s Deputy Chairman, said, “Heritage Trees take decades, centuries even, to mature gracefully. To be dedicated with the Mengkulang Tree is an immense honour for CDL. This unique tree, the first plant of its kind known to science, resonates with CDL’s rich heritage as Singapore’s property pioneer and our firm belief in sustainable development. Beyond the bricks and mortar, CDL has always subscribed to the view that a successful business does not only create profits, but must also deliver a lasting and positive impact on the community. Besides designing and developing sustainable properties, CDL has also been supporting the greening of our environment with the conservation of mature trees at our development sites – and engaging our stakeholders through eco-outreach initiatives. Through these efforts, we will continue to do our part to build a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.”


Said Sembcorp Group President & CEO Mr Tang Kin Fei, “Sembcorp is honoured to have a Heritage Tree dedicated to us.   As a company, we maintain a strong environmental commitment, with businesses that produce energy from alternative fuels, promote a sustainable supply of water and recover resources from waste. Supporting initiatives such as the Sembcorp Forest of Giants is very much in line with this. In years to come, as Sembcorp’s Heritage Tree continues to grow and flourish, we hope that it will stand as a living reminder of our company’s commitment to help protect Singapore’s natural heritage for future generations to enjoy.”


Mr Alan Chan, CEO of Singapore Press Holdings, said, “SPH is pleased to accept the dedication of the heritage tree, which signifies our close and continuous partnership with NParks in conserving floral and preserving nature.   The tree is located close to SPH Walk of Giants, a learning forest which will help promote botanical research, appreciation and conservation." 


Factsheet - Heritage Tree Dedication

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