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Jurong Lake Gardens

04 Apr 2015


Jurong Lake Gardens will be Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands.  It demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to make quality spaces for leisure accessible to all segments of the community. It is envisioned to be a people’s garden, where spaces will be sensitively landscaped and created for families and the community to come together. This will strengthen the special meaning that parks and gardens hold in the lives of Singaporeans.  It is also envisioned as a green space where community gardening takes centre stage.

To be developed and managed by the National Parks Board (NParks), the 90-ha Jurong Lake Gardens will comprise:

  • Jurong Lake Gardens West;
  • Jurong Lake Gardens Central (comprising the Chinese and Japanese Gardens);  and
  • Jurong Lake Gardens East (comprising the grounds of the new Science Centre which will be integrated into the new Gardens).

Jurong Lake Gardens will be developed in phases, and implementation plans will dovetail with the greater plans for the Jurong Lake District. However, residents will not need to wait long before they can start enjoying what the Gardens has to offer. Jurong Lake Gardens West is currently in design phase and is scheduled for completion in 2017.   The rest of the Gardens will be progressively completed from 2020 onwards.

JLG Overall  

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Key Design Principles


Jurong Lake Gardens will be conceptualised and developed around four key design principles:


Preserving Nature & Memories  

  • Enhancing native biodiversity:  conserving mature trees, enhancing habitats (e.g. herons)
  • Creating spaces: accessible places for all; play areas to connect with nature; lawns for picnics

nature memories

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Co-creating Show Gardens

  • Community gardening will take centre stage.
  • Community gardeners from all around Singapore can work with NParks, local designers and industry partners to develop and maintain quality gardens.

show garden

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Integrating Science & Nature

  • Showcase of exciting horticultural concepts and, urban ecology, technology and research
  • Feature latest advances in science and technology with possible displays of: 
    • Lush underground gardens using growth lights
    • Soil-less edible gardens
    • Science- based play equipment and amenities


science nature

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Vibrant Programming


  • Vast potential to provide a range of exciting activities and events
  • There will be plans for performances to be organised regularly at the new Gardens for the community’s enjoyment.


Vibrant programming

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A Showcase and Pride of Local Community, Design and Industry Talent

The Jurong Lake Gardens will present opportunities for show or display gardens of high horticultural quality and content to be created and maintained by community gardeners nationwide. NParks intends to bring the community gardeners together to work alongside local landscape designers and industry partners, to create and maintain show gardens of high horticulture standards. In this way, the show gardens will be the pride of all gardeners and be showpieces of their collective talent and dedication to gardening.

The maintenance and landscape design of the gardens will be done together with the various community garden groups from all parts of Singapore. The plan is to rotate this amongst the community gardens under our Community In Bloom (CIB) programme to encourage these gardeners to cultivate plants of high horticultural quality and interest for display, and undertake the maintenance and curation work, as well as conduct tours and clinics. These gardeners could also share harvests and plant materials such as seeds and cuttings from the gardens with other community gardeners to further inculcate and spread the spirit of community gardening across the island.

We had piloted such efforts in past Singapore Garden Festival Shows and will also be inviting community gardeners from the various CDCs to create SG50 CIB Gardens in HortPark. These SG50 CIB Gardens will be a precursor of what the public can expect to see at Jurong Lake Gardens.

Jurong Lake Gardens West to be completed by 2017

Jurong Lake Gardens’ first phase of development will be centred on Jurong Lake Gardens West which will be completed in 2017.

The design of Jurong Lake Gardens West has been conceptualised based on public feedback obtained earlier in 2012 during NParks’ public engagement exercise for the City in a Garden vision. NParks had announced in 2012 that it would be developing Destination Parks to attract Singaporeans from all over the island, and Jurong Lake Park (to be renamed Jurong Lake Gardens West), was identified as one of three Destination Parks to be developed. 

From the ideas and suggestions collated through a series of roadshows and online channels during the 2012 public engagement exercise, a common thread that emerged was the public’s appreciation of the tranquillity of the place. A recurring suggestion was specifically to retain the naturalistic ambience of the park. NParks also observed that respondents indicated a desire for recreational opportunities for families, with a notable number of suggestions to have playgrounds for children.

In line with these ideas and suggestions, the preliminary concept ideas for Jurong Lake Gardens revolve around the themes of nature, play and the community. The Gardens will be developed sensitively to retain the  tranquillity of the area, whilst incorporating park spaces for community and recreational needs. Capitalising on its waterfront location, Jurong Lake Gardens West will focus on creating spaces for all to enjoy amid nature, greenery and lakeside views.

The concept ideas include:

  • Sensitive landscapes that integrate community and recreational spaces with the natural setting, showcasing biodiversity and water sustainability.
  • Open lawns of various sizes set amid shade trees for community events and other recreational uses.
  • Interactive spaces with water, which will be brought into the Gardens mimicking streams and the river plain.
  • A community gardening hub for enthusiasts and other groups.
  • Playgrounds that feature water and nature-themed play areas that capture the fascination that children have for some of our native plants and animals.
  • Wide, tree-lined main path that meanders along the length of the Gardens for strollers, joggers and cyclists alike
  • Secondary paths for appreciating nature and bird-life through open wetland, grassland meadow and tree grove areas marked with signature native tree species.
  • A boardwalk that weaves through distinct, native wetland plant communities out onto the water’s edge
  • Landscaped islets that seek to retain the existing Banyan trees and will provide habitat trees for the herons.
  • A community lifestyle and water sports facility, which will offer spaces and various organised activities for people to pursue their interests in water and adventure sports, and also lifestyle and life skill programmes.  

Bringing People  Closer to Nature


Jurong Lake Gardens will be developed to retain the serenity of the area, and enable visitors to enjoy nature, greenery and lakeside views.

with nature

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Visitors can stroll along a boardwalk that brings them close to nature and observe birds feeding at the water’s edge.

board walk

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Incorporating Spaces for Play


Children can look forward to a nature-themed play area that will include swings, trampolines, see-saws, webs and slides. This play area will capture the fascination that children have for plants and animals.

play area

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Incorporating Spaces for Play



The Water Play area will feature a shallow pond where families can gather and picnic close by. Instead of concrete banks, the pond will feature naturalised banks with plantings that slope gentle to the water.

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Creating Community Spaces


There will be a new Arrival Plaza at the Gardens to serve as a meeting point for visitors.

arrival plaza

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There will be lawns to cater for community and recreational activities and events.  These lawns will be interspersed with other attractions at the Gardens totalling about 4ha.


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Creating Community Spaces  (continued)


The Gardens will also have a community lifestyle and water sports facility, which will offer spaces and various organised activities for people to pursue their interests in water and adventure sports, and also lifestyle and life skill programmes.  

lifestyle water sports

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Public Engagement for Jurong Lake Gardens

NParks is inviting the public to share their ideas and shape Jurong Lake Gardens together at a public engagement roving exhibition in April 2015. Members of the public will also be able to submit their ideas through a dedicated microsite at

NParks has also been consulting stakeholders on the development. These include local grassroots leaders and residents in the Jurong district; Community in Bloom (CIB) ambassadors, gardeners and volunteers; design professionals including planners, architects and landscape architects; as well as nature groups.

The current public engagement exercise will enable NParks to obtain ideas from the community so that the concept for Jurong Lake Gardens West can be refined and detailed for implementation. During the exercise, NParks will also be seeking ideas from the community for the rest of Jurong Lake Gardens, including Jurong Lake Gardens Central (current Chinese and Japanese Gardens). 

These ideas will be incorporated into the brief for a design competition that NParks will be launching later in the year. The design competition will seek to achieve the following:

1. Proposals on the design concept for Jurong Lake Gardens Central; 
2. Proposals on how to integrate Jurong Lake Gardens  West, East and Central; 
3. Design guidelines for the grounds of the future Science Centre which will form part of Jurong Lake Gardens East.   

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