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NParks Biodiversity Databases

15 Apr 2015

Biodiversity databases are important as they are historical records of the plants and animals found in Singapore. These databases can only be set up if long-term monitoring surveys are carried out. Data from such surveys, which NParks carries out in partnership with our volunteers, non-governmental organisations and academic institutions, allows the tracking of what species Singapore has, new records, new discoveries, rediscoveries, and new species which are found over time.

NParks’ biodiversity Databases include:

1) Biodiversity and Environment Database System (BIOME)
BIOME ( is a national database set up in 2011 that serves as a single repository of biodiversity (flora and fauna, plants and animals information of Singapore) and environment related data, contributed by government agencies, educational institutions, NGOs and etc. Facilities in BIOME include, data upload functions, search engine, geospatial data displayed on a Singapore map, analytical tools, etc. One of its key aims is to facilitate management and monitoring within the government on matters relating to biodiversity and environment. 

2) Flora Fauna Web (FFW)
Flora Fauna Web ( records 5000 species of flora and 750 species of fauna. FFW has drawn over 2 million page views since it was first set up in 2011.

Data collection — SGBioAtlas App

The SGBioAtlas app will facilitate the collection of data contributed by the public, including those participating in NParks’ Citizen Science programmes. The app will provide a convenient platform for the public to easily report sightings of biodiversity in their everyday lives.


SBG App - Functions 

1) Report sightings of biodiversity (upload of photo with location of sighting)

 SBG App - Biodiversity Sightings

2) In-app guides to help identify species (over 380 Bird species, over 300 Butterfly species, over 110 Dragonfly species, over 25 Amphibian species)

 SBG App - In-app guide
Recent and nearby sightings

Upcoming app updates
  • Project mode for organised projects
  • Social media integration (badge earning/sharing on Facebook)
  • Verification of sightings through crowd sourcing

The SGBioAtlas app is available on Apple and Android platforms, and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple App Store


The SGBioAtlas (which is accessible through BIOME) is a visual representation of biodiversity sightings presented on the Singapore map. Current data reflected on SGBioAtlas includes historical data based on published records and sightings previously reported by the public. Here, users will be able to view the records that they contribute through the SGBioAtlas app.

 SBG BioAtlas Map 1
(Picture Credit: NParks)
SBG BioAtlas Map 2
(Picture Credit: NParks)

Analysis of data

Data contributed by the public will help with the monitoring of Singapore’s biodiversity. Analysis of such data will provide vital information to better inform site management decisions and strategies to enhance habitats for biodiversity in the long term. For example, the map of Pulau Ubin (below) shows the differing levels of biodiversity that exists at various areas of the island. Knowledge of the distribution of biodiversity can lead to more effective plans for habitat enhancement and restoration.

 Pulau Ubin Biodiversity Layers
(Picture credit: NParks)

Last updated on 09 July 2018

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