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Death of Coney Island Cow

12 Oct 2016

Singapore, 12 October 2016 The National Parks Board is saddened to share that the free-roaming Brahman cow on Coney Island Park has passed away. It could not be revived after it was sedated for blood and fecal samples to be taken during its annual health check by veterinarians on 28 September 2016.

Health checks are necessary for the cow’s own wellbeing and for public health reasons, for example, to prevent the spread of diseases between animals and humans. Given its large size, sedating the cow was a standard procedure to ensure the safety of all personnel involved.

Post-mortem investigations by AVA have just concluded. The results show that the cow had chronic underlying illnesses, and that it likely died of heart and lung complications while sedated.

The cow was a recognisable part of Coney Island Park and will be missed.

Last updated on 09 July 2018

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