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Celebrating Ubin

27 Feb 2016

NParks and its partner organisations will be holding a series of activities this year to celebrate Pulau Ubin’s rich natural and cultural heritage. Ranging from conservation to sports activities, these will encourage a greater appreciation in preserving the island’s heritage for generations to come.



Biodiversity surveys

NParks volunteers will be carrying out monthly surveys on fireflies, birds and butterflies on Pulau Ubin. Members of the public may sign up to volunteer for this activity and learn how to identify birds by their calls or recognise butterfly-attracting plants. The findings will contribute valuable data on our biodiversity.
Monthly (subject to availability of low tides) 

Chek Jawa Wetlands guided tour

Members of the public may sign up for this guided one-hour tour to experience Chek Jawa’s amazing natural heritage. Registration and details of the tour can be found at

Kampong tour

Visitors may participate in a 2-hour walk to experience Pulau Ubin’s natural and cultural heritage. Stops on the tour include Pekan Quarry, Kampong House, the Toa Pek Kong Temple and the Wayang stage.

Registration and details of the tour can be found at
Monthly (From January to September 2016

Mangrove propagules collection

Participants will learn to identify various mangrove species and collect plant propagules to carry out planting on the island.
22 May 2016

International Day for Biological Diversity

Participants can join in nature workshops and activities conducted in celebration of this annual event.
April, July, October 2016

Operation Deadline

Participants will be involved in removing the stray fishing tackles and lines left by anglers in Pulau Ubin’s mangroves, beaches and ponds. Through this, they will learn about the negative impact of stray fishing lines on our biodiversity.
March, May, June 2016

Conservation projects with schools

NParks will be working with schools to raise awareness on conservation issues through nature-appreciation activities like coastal clean-up sessions and sculpture making.
End May to June 2016

Ubin Day and fringe activities

The annual Ubin Day will be held on 4 June. Visitors to the island can participate in various activities in the days before and after the main event. Nature groups will also be organising a host of sports and nature activities around the island. 
From June 2016

Reforestation monitoring

Volunteers will help to tag trees, monitor the growth of trees by measuring girth and height, as well as record observations of birds and butterflies in the reforested sites.
Dates to be confirmed

Restore Ubin Mangroves (RUM)

A ground-up initiative supported by NParks, RUM was founded with the aim of restoring the mangrove forests naturally through science-informed methods, and outreach efforts to the community. Volunteers can help with data collection to aid natural restoration of Ubin’s mangroves.

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