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Heritage Tree Scheme

27 Mar 2016

Heritage Trees are part of Singapore’s natural heritage and serve as important green landmarks of our City in a Garden. The Heritage Trees Scheme was announced in 17 August 2001 with the objective of promoting conservation of our mature trees to the community. There were 36 Heritage Trees when the scheme was launched. The number of Heritage Trees has steadily increased over the years and, last year alone, 38 trees were endorsed. As of March 2016, 257 trees have been designated as Heritage Trees, some of which are more than 150 years old. Key highlights of the programme include the installation of lightning conductors, interpretive signage and putting in place a nomination scheme for the community. 

The Heritage Tree Scheme is open to the public. Anyone can nominate a Heritage Tree via the online nomination form at All nominations sent to NParks will be recorded in the database. Nominated trees will be inspected by NParks arborists and the list submitted to the Heritage Tree Panel, who determines which of these nominated trees will be endorsed as Heritage Trees. Heritage Trees are endorsed by the Heritage Tree Panel based on a number of criteria including the species of the tree and its rarity, its social, cultural or historical significance, its size (e.g. trunk circumference) and health. 

Last updated on 09 July 2018

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