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More than half of one-north Park completed with the opening of the newest phase of four land parcels

17 Jun 2016

Providing the working community with more green recreational spaces integrated with the urban environment

17 Jun 2016 – The National Parks Board (NParks) will open the newest phase of one-north Park tomorrow (18 Jun, Sat). Comprising about 3.7 hectares in size, the latest phase which includes four land parcels – “one-north Park: Rochester West”; “one-north Park: Rochester East”; “one-north Park: Fusionopolis North” and “one-north Park: Fusionopolis South”, complements two previously opened land parcels and provides a larger green recreational respite for office workers, students and residents in the vicinity of one-north.

Map of one-north Park land parcels (Picture credit: National Parks Board)

Land Parcel (P)


(Opened Oct 2005)

one-north Park: Biopolis

(Opened Dec 2015)

one-north Park: Mediapolis


one-north Park: Rochester West


one-north Park: Rochester East


one-north Park: Fusionopolis North


one-north Park: Fusionopolis South

Land Parcels P8 - P10, P12 and P13 are subject to detailed planning.

Park corridor connecting key developments in one-north

The 16-ha park consists of 11 land parcels spanning across the entire length of one-north and is a key element in JTC’s masterplan for one-north to create a work-live-play-learn environment. When fully completed, it will serve as an integrated green link connecting key developments such as Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis and the one-north MRT station. Some 5.4 hectares of the park was previously completed, including “one-north Park: Biopolis” in October 2005 and “one-north Park: Mediapolis” in December 2015, in collaboration with JTC, serving as a social space to promote greater interaction and networking among the one-north community. This facilitates the cross fertilisation of ideas and in turn, spurs the creation of new innovations.

The latest phase of one-north Park had been specially designed with a unique landscape theme for different sections to create a shared community space for different users and recreational needs 

“one-north Park: Rochester West” and “one-north Park: Rochester East” – an attractive gathering space

“one-north Park: Rochester West” and “one-north Park: Rochester East” offer an outdoor spot for recreational opportunities. Integrated with the open areas within the UE development, the new park forms a seamless green space and provides the public with a green recreational respite. The event lawn at “one-north Park: Rochester East” also has an event lawn that is suitable as a gathering area.  

“one-north Park: Fusionopolis North” and “one-north Park: Fusionopolis South” – enhancing habitats in parks

“one-north Park: Fusionopolis North” and “one-north Park: Fusionopolis South” had been sensitively developed, based on principles of environmental sustainability. Existing vegetation, including remnant secondary forests, was retained at “one-north Park: Fusionopolis South”. The original habitat was then enhanced enabling these areas to be established as a nature sanctuary to support existing bird populations. Trees such as the Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina), Malayan Wild Cherry (Muntingia calabura) and Saga Tree (Adenanthera pavonina L.) provide food sources for many bird species, making them attractive to the avian life. Bird lovers will be able to spot bird species such as the Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense), Long-tailed Parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) and Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans).

The multi-tiered and diverse vegetation planted at one-north Park is another step towards promoting habitat enhancement efforts in our parks across the island. These efforts encompass the selection of biodiversity-attracting plants as well as creating habitats for fauna.

Habitat enhancement efforts are part of the Nature Conservation Masterplan which sets out the course of Singapore’s biodiversity conservation plans for the next five years. There are plans to continue creating green spaces across Singapore, by enriching the habitats in our parks and streetscapes to make them more conducive for biodiversity. In addition, degraded habitats will also be restored through enhanced planting. This will benefit the conservation of rare native species and increase the native biodiversity of some of our degraded areas.

Environmentally sustainable measures

To maintain the rustic character of the area, several environmental initiatives were also adopted during the development. For example, no street lights had been installed at “one-north Park: Fusionopolis South” so as to minimise impact on birds that nest in the area. A boardwalk has also been sensitively incorporated to allow park users to better observe and enjoy the surrounding biodiversity.

The future land parcels at one-north Park will be developed on a “just-in-time” basis, so that as developments come on stream, the adjacent park parcels will be completed at around the same time. These developments will be progressively carried out over the next five years.

Healthy Workplace Ecosystem

The opening of one-north Park provides an opportunity to expand the health promoting elements available to employees in the Healthy Workplace Ecosystem @ one-north by leveraging on the surrounding natural environment and facilities within the park. Jointly launched by JTC and Health Promotion Board (HPB) last year, the Healthy Workplace Ecosystem @ one-north enables over 5200 employees to benefit from on-site health programmes and services at the convenience of their workplace.  HPB can now extend these initiatives, including well-being workshops and physical activities, outdoors into the park, providing employees with even more engaging and refreshing healthy living activities. 

In conjunction with the opening of the new green spaces, Mr Lim Hng Kiang, adviser to Telok Blangah Grassroots Organisations will plant a Ficus benghalensis to mark the occasion and join about 350 residents and members of the community from West Coast GRC (Telok Blangah) in mass workout activities like brisk walking and Zumba sessions, happening at different areas of the park. Some 30 students from Tanglin Trust School are also participating in the brisk walk and volunteering as station guides at the newly opened butterfly garden at “one-north: Fusionopolis North”. 
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