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NParks launches public exhibition for Sembawang Hot Spring Park in preparation for start of works

24 Nov 2017

- Sembawang Hot Spring to become community park for public to enjoy

- Community invited to view plans at public exhibition and share their thoughts

The National Parks Board (NParks) announced today that development of Sembawang Hot Spring Park will begin in early 2018 and complete by 2019. At an event held at Sembawang Hot Spring to launch the public exhibition showcasing the plans for the upcoming park, NParks also invited the public to share their thoughts on the plans. The suggestions received will be used to refine the plans before commencement of works.


Enhancement plans for Sembawang Hot Spring Park

The hot spring at Sembawang is the only natural hot spring that exists on mainland Singapore today and holds many collective memories for the community that has used it over the years. It has a ‘kampung-like’ environment where regular users welcome new visitors and readily share their buckets and chairs, as well as their knowledge of the best ways to enjoy the hot spring water. The design of the park is shaped by this strong community spirit, and will be kept rustic with various spaces where visitors can gather and enjoy the activities in this unique park.

To enhance the experience for visitors, NParks had earlier called for consultancy services to develop the approximately 1 hectare site into a park that encompasses the hot spring. A comprehensive hydrogeological study of the site was also carried out to guide the enhancement plans. Visitors will be able to enjoy new facilities that make use of the geothermally heated groundwater. There will be a cascading pool where visitors can enjoy a foot bath and an area for those who want to try their hands at cooking soft-boiled eggs. Those who prefer to collect the water in pails can do so at a multi-purpose water collection point which visitors can easily access. It will also have a storage area for pails and buckets.

More planting will be introduced to create a lush, shady environment for visitors to enjoy the park. Other new amenities include a café and a washroom. The hot spring will also provide an opportunity to educate the public on the history of the site and geothermal processes behind the formation of a hot spring. There will be educational guided tours as well.


Public exhibition to seek feedback on plans

The public can view the exhibition at Sembawang Hot Spring from 25 November to 3 December 2017. They can also see the plans online and share their thoughts at from 25 November to 10 December 2017. The plans for Sembawang Hot Spring Park will be refined further with the suggestions received. 

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