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More open spaces, upgraded amenities and improved accessibility for East Coast Park

29 Jul 2017

More open spaces, upgraded amenities and improved accessibility for East Coast Park


As part of efforts by the National Parks Board (NParks) to enhance park users’ experience at East Coast Park, NParks announced today plans for improvement works for three sites – Raintree Cove, and the sites of former Big Splash and Goldkist Chalets. These plans will be implemented progressively from 2017 to 2019 to create more open spaces, improve accessibility and enhance amenities while ensuring that the character of East Coast Park is retained. This follows the successful redevelopment of Marine Cove last year.


At the Marine Parade Family Life Champion event organised by People’s Association (PA), Guest-of-Honour Emeritus Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong opened the exhibition on the improvement works of the park. “We may be constrained by our land size, but not by our imagination.  NParks has done well to transform our recreational landscape and parklands, to enhance Singaporeans’ mental and physical well-being. My challenge to NParks is to make East Coast Park a beloved national icon and transcendent experience”, said ESM Goh.


Open vistas and view corridors to strengthen coastal character of the park


As Singapore’s largest and most popular park with 7.5 million visits annually, East Coast Park is known for its distinct coastal identity that has endeared it to generations of users. To complement its beach setting, more open spaces and view corridors will be created to provide visitors with a better view of the sea that will add to the sense of openness associated with East Coast Park. Efforts will also be made to retain and re-purpose existing landmark buildings in line with the character of the park.


Raintree Cove will be enhanced to have a natural, cove theme with open lawns for sporting or leisure activities. This nature-themed landscape filled with open spaces will be a key focus of this node and it will provide respite from the adjacent high-activity areas, such as Marine Cove. (Please refer to Annex A for more information on Raintree Cove development.)


Improving the diversity of recreational amenities and experiences


NParks has introduced a wider range of amenities, located strategically throughout East Coast Park to redistribute the crowds and reduce congestion in existing high traffic zones. These activity and gathering nodes will offer a mix of family-friendly amenities and dining outlets across the park.


The site of the former Goldkist Chalets will be redeveloped as a “Cyclist Park” along the 150km Round Island Route (RIR). This node will serve to cater to the cyclists, with bicycle kiosks, circuits and trails for users of varying skill levels, complemented with cycle-through eateries.   (Please refer to Annex B for more information on the current Goldkist Chalets site development.)


The revamped Big Splash will be an active node with a vibrant water theme. Part of the former water theme park’s structures will be retained and converted into a vertical playground, complemented by water play features. Open lawns will be created to allow a flexible use of park space for various events and activities. (Please refer to Annex C for more information on the Big Splash development.)


Improvements to the park will be complemented by new, more user-friendly way-finding visual elements which will guide visitors to and within East Coast Park. This aims to promote the use of public transport and encourage a car-less culture. While sections of the park will be closed off during the two-year development, existing amenities will continue to operate, ensuring that park users’ experiences are not compromised. (Please refer to Annex D for a list of existing tenants at the park.) Beyond the existing active areas, there are other quiet and tranquil areas within East Coast Park, where families and friends can relax and enjoy the coastal character of the park.


Annex A: Raintree Cove

Annex B: Cyclist Park

Annex C: Big Splash

Annex D: List of Existing Tenants



Last updated on 09 July 2018

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