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Orchids named after Singapore’s first Paralympic and Olympic Gold Medal Recipients

07 Aug 2017

Ms Yip Pin Xiu and Mr Joseph Schooling were presented with the orchids at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens presented orchids to Ms Yip Pin Xiu and Mr Joseph Schooling in recognition of their achievements at the Paralympic and Olympic Games respectively. The Dendrobium Yip Pin Xiu was named after Ms Yip, and the Dendrobium Joseph Schooling was named after Mr Schooling.

The Dendrobium Yip Pin Xiu hybrid is vigorous and free flowering. It produces upright to semi arching inflorescences, each bearing at least 15 striking flowers. Each flower measures about 6 cm in width. The sepals are white with a faint blush of purple while the white petals are infused with magenta. They are complemented with a prominent bright purple lip.

Dendrobium Joseph Schooling is a robust and free-flowering hybrid. The inflorescences are 30 to 45 cm long with 15 to 20 well-arranged flowers. The flowers have a firm texture and are about 4.5 cm in width. The petals are yellow and slightly twisted while the sepals are greenish yellow. They are accompanied by a prominent lip that is green with light brownish purple tessellation.

Ms Yip and Mr Schooling were presented with the orchids by Dr Nigel Taylor, Group Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, during a ceremony held at the Gardens. They were also given a tour of the orchid laboratory where the orchid hybrids are raised.

“The Singapore Botanic Gardens is pleased to present these orchids to Ms Yip and Mr Schooling for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to Singapore’s world standing in the international sports arena,” said Dr Taylor.

The National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens houses celebrity orchids named after local celebrities such as Dendrobium Stefanie Sun, and sports personalities such as Holttumara Annika Sorenstam.


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