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New Cyclist Park at East Coast Park to serve as a One-stop Cycling Hub

23 Nov 2019

Two new cycling circuits designed for cyclists of varying levels

The National Parks Board (NParks) today opened the 5.4-hectare Cyclist Park, a new recreational space at East Coast Park. Featuring a longer view corridor of the marina vista, Cyclist Park boasts two new cycling circuits targeted at learners and experienced cyclists, a nature playgarden and F&B and retail outlets for families.

Located at Area D of East Coast Park, at the previous site of Goldkist Chalets, Cyclist Park is an active node, complementing the tranquillity of the nearby Raintree Cove that opened earlier this year. A one-stop hub for cyclists, visitors can practise cycling techniques at the two cycling circuits, as well as purchase and repair bicycles. It is also a stop along the Round Island Route (RIR).

New cycling circuits

The two circuits - the Learner Circuit and Advanced Circuit - are conducive spaces for cyclists to hone their skills. Beginners can attempt the 280-metre long Learner Circuit, where gentle slopes, large expanse of flat areas, and a mini BMX adventure trail help improve balance and stamina. The 500-metre long Advanced Circuit, with its undulating tracks, sharp turns, gradual granite steps and narrow bridge, provides a fun challenge for more experienced cyclists.

Unobstructed views of the sea

Open plazas with multiple entry points have replaced what was once the gated Goldkist Chalets and visitors can now enjoy unobstructed views of the sea. Visitors who seek a more tranquil experience can soak in the coastal ambience while lounging on terrazzo benches under the shelter of ketapang (Terminalia catappa L.) and handkerchief trees (Maniltoa browneoides). There are also two F&Bs, one convenience retail store and a bicycle retail shop that also run bicycle related workshops as well as repair services.   

Nature playgarden

Families with children can enjoy a new nature playgarden at East Coast Park within the Cyclist Park. The playgarden uses natural materials such as upcycled wood to create curated play features for children to engage in spontaneous play amid nature. Young ones can develop a sense of discovery and train their balance at the simple obstacle course, and older children can try their hand at the 1.5-metre tall mini climbing wall installed with grips, that was fashioned from a log.

Mr Goh Chok Tong, Emeritus Senior Minister and Adviser to Marine Parade GRC Grassroots Organisations (GROs), together with Mr Edwin Tong, Senior Minister of State for Law & Health and Adviser to Marine Parade GRC GROs, opened Cyclist Park this morning with the planting of an Ixora plant (Ixora grandifolia) at the Nature Playgarden.

“Cycling along the marine vista is a quintessential East Coast Park experience. The opening of Cyclist Park will further enhance this experience, by adding a greater variety of recreational spaces for visitors of all ages. I look forward to the reopening of Big Splash next year, which will bring back fond memories for many Singaporeans,” said ESM Goh.

The opening of Cyclist Park marks the completion of the second of three phases in the rejuvenation of East Coast Park, which aims to create more open spaces and vistas of the sea, improve accessibility and enhance amenities. This follows the successful reopening of Raintree Cove earlier this year. The enhancement will be completed in 2020 with the opening of Big Splash.

Cyclist Park is located at East Coast Park Area D and is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road, via the underpass linking Mandarin Gardens to D3 Carpark and via Siglap Park Connector. The nearest bus stop is 90 metres away and is served by bus number 401.


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