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Resumption of basic pet grooming, and animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

20 May 2020

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced yesterday the gradual resumption of business activities. In line with this, animal-related services will be allowed to resume gradually. From 2 June 2020, pet establishments will be allowed to offer basic pet grooming services, and animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to maintain animal health and welfare. These establishments do not need to apply for an exemption before resuming operations. Other non-essential services and businesses, such as pet sitting, day care, walking, boarding, and sale of pets, will remain closed for now. A phased approach is necessary to allow businesses to resume in a safe way, as measures are eased in a careful and calibrated manner after the circuit breaker period.

All service providers resuming operations must put in place safe management measures to minimise crowding and ensure sanitation and hygiene standards, such as staggered appointments and split-team arrangements. Service providers that resume operations without the necessary safeguards will be liable for penalties and be asked to stop operations. For more information, please visit


Pet grooming

Pet establishments will be allowed to provide the following basic grooming services to maintain pet health and welfare:

  1. Cleansing for hygiene purposes; including teeth brushing for dental hygiene, emptying anal glands, ear cleaning and medicated baths
  2. Nail clipping
  3. Maintenance of skin and fur, including anti-parasitic treatment
  4. [For pet birds] Clipping of flight feathers, beak trimming, maintenance of skin and feathers, including anti-parasitic treatment.
  5. Any other treatment prescribed by a vet

Cosmetic pet grooming, such as styling of pets’ fur, and spa baths are not allowed.


Animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Animals requiring physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the management of chronic joint and muscle conditions, or as part of their recovery post-surgery, will be able to receive treatment at pet establishments that provide such services, with a referral from their attending veterinarian.  

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Last updated on 06 April 2021

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