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NParks launches the “NParks – AIA Explore a Route Challenge”, in conjunction with the release of the revamped Coast-to-Coast app

19 May 2022


- More fun ways to explore our green spaces to improve physical and mental well-being while appreciating nature through friendly competition

- Tapping on technology to build closer bonds among the community and strengthen Singaporeans’ sense of ownership of the environment

- Revamp of Coast-to-Coast app to provide enhanced user experience when exploring green spaces  


The National Parks Board (NParks) announced the “NParks – AIA Explore a Route Challenge” today. This is supported by AIA Singapore through NParks’ registered charity and IPC, Garden City Fund, to encourage people living in Singapore to explore our green spaces through new self-curated trails. The challenge is conducted using the NParks Explore A Route (NEAR) app, an updated version of the Coast-to-Coast (C2C) application that was first launched in 2019. The app continues to use interactive augmented reality (AR) elements to provide users with a curated walking experience, as well as an online trail guide. The revamped app allows users to map their own trail and share it with others. The goal is to encourage individuals to explore our green spaces with their family and friends and lead a healthier lifestyle. The challenge encourages park visitors to enjoy nature in a new way through the revamped app. AIA Singapore is NParks’ first partner that has come onboard to create a challenge on the revamped app. This is part of the life insurer’s commitment to support Singapore’s City in Nature vision for a more sustainable society and for families to live healthier, longer and better lives together.


The “NParks – AIA Explore a Route Challenge”

The “NParks – AIA Explore a Route Challenge” will commence on 20 May 2022 in conjunction with the release of the NEAR app and will run till 20 July 2022. It is open to all to participate. Participants must play the in-app game Tic Tac Toe Board on the NEAR app which requires them to physically complete various trails ranging from 5 km to 15 km per trail. They will have a chance to win rewards at the end of each month within the challenge period or in the Grand Lucky Draw at the end of the challenge. There are nine starting points across eight proposed trails including the Coast-to-Coast (Central) Trail and various Park Connector Loops. AIA Singapore has contributed close to $14,000 worth of prizes, which include shopping vouchers and a laptop, towards the challenge.


The challenge encourages users to experience the newly added NParks-curated trails and try out the new “Phyll My Trail” feature, which allows users to customise their own recreational trails in the revamped NEAR app. It empowers users to design routes to suit their interests and discover unique biodiversity and interesting features along the trail.  In doing so, it seeks to improve their physical and mental well-being through the positive effects of nature.


“We are happy to partner AIA to encourage a healthier lifestyle among Singaporeans through the “NParks – AIA Explore A Route Challenge”. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen more interest by the community in exploring our green spaces as they enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. Thus, we hope that more Singaporeans will take the opportunity to appreciate nature in a fun way and at the same time, form closer ties with their friends and families through this challenge. Community stewardship is crucial as we transform Singapore into a City in Nature, hence we hope more stakeholders will step forward to support our vision,” said Professor Leo Tan, Chairman, Garden City Fund.


Ms Melita Teo, Chief Customer and Digital Officer of AIA Singapore, said, “As more people turn to long walks or hikes around nature spots in Singapore, our collaboration with NParks for the “NParks – AIA Explore A Route Challenge” adds more fun to motivate individuals and families to pursue healthier and more active lifestyles in Singapore amid nature. We’re delighted to be taking steps to create greener and more conducive environments that connect communities and enable Singaporeans to explore nature throughout the island. This is another initiative that reflects AIA Singapore’s long-term commitment to create a more sustainable future together for generations to enjoy Healthier, Longer, Better lives.”


The NEAR Application

Since its initial launch in 2019, the C2C mobile application has been well received with close to 100,000 downloads. It features interactive AR elements such as 3D-animated characters. These characters provide interesting information about native flora and fauna, and surrounding points of interest that users will encounter along our park trails and park connectors. The revamped app now allows users to curate their own trails and share the mapped trails with their in-app friends or on social media for them to experience and enjoy. This will encourage the community to exchange experiences with others and explore a wider variety of trails. In doing so, Singaporeans will get to appreciate nature more while forging closer bonds. This is in line with our efforts to make Singapore into a City in Nature– a key pillar in the Singapore Green Plan, which is a national movement to advance sustainable development – to create a green, liveable and sustainable home for all Singaporeans.


More opportunities to explore our City in Nature

The National Parks Board (NParks) aims to curate a 360 km island-wide network of recreational routes comprising park connectors and trails by 2035. This includes the opening of the first phase of the Round Island Route, which is a 75 km recreational connection stretching from Rower’s Bay Park to Berlayer Creek. When completed, the 150 km Round Island Route will be the longest recreational connection that loops the island. This will complement our plans to establish 500 km of park connectors by 2030 and contribute to Singapore’s goal of enabling all households to live within a 10-minute walk of a park at the same time.

In co-creating more naturalised green spaces to keep minds and bodies healthy, AIA Singapore has pledged S$5 million to the National Parks Board’s (NParks) registered charity, the Garden City Fund, with the goal of planting 16,666 trees in Singapore’s parks and nature reserves over the next 5 years, the largest by an organisation to the OneMillionTrees movement and Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme, to date. In addition, the company established the AIA Better Lives Fund to raise funds for disadvantaged children, youth, and their families. The funds raised will go toward creating greater access and opportunities for education, growth, and development. These initiatives are part of the AIA One Billion movement of engaging a billion people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives by 2030 to create a more sustainable future for everyone in society.


Across the Group, AIA has made significant strides on its sustainability commitments, announcing in December 2021 that it will commit to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the largest pan-Asian life and health insurer to do so. The Group has also completely divested from its directly held equities and fixed income positions in coal mining and coal-fired power business and, in addition, has prohibited new investments in businesses directly involved in coal mining or generating electricity from coal.


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Last updated on 19 May 2022

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