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Discover the beauty within our City in Nature through this montage on the hidden wonders of forests across Singapore.



  • What's That Red Bird

    Crimson Sunbird


    If you are celebrating National Day by wearing red, you are in good company! Here are some birds found in Singapore that have strikingly red features.



In this issue, we are giving away three Singapore Botanic Gardens’ “Learning Forest Motif” Cutlery-on-the-go sets.

Contest July 2022


Feeling the mid-year slump? Try a natural mood booster to beat the blues!

The best thing about living in our
City in Nature is that a green escape is never far. By 2030, all households will be within a 10-minute walk from a park, where you can take a stroll to clear your mind.

Nature-spotting is a great way to re-energise; who knows what natural gems you can find in our midst? Imagine taking in the sweet scent of the Setambun at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, or the impressive sight of the giant Common Reed – once thought to be gone from Singapore – that was rediscovered at Kranji Marshes.

If food is more of your thing, nature brings plenty to your plate, like the refreshing flavours of herbs and spices in your favourite traditional dishes such as
rojak and laksa. For more “nature therapy”, there’s no lack of fun outdoor and stay-at-home ideas from our NParks Buzz microsite, NParksSG YouTube channel, and of course, this e-newsletter! 


We are taking the opportunity to refresh this NParks Buzz e-newsletter to bring you the latest happenings in our parks and gardens. In the meantime, for information on NParks events, please visit our What's On page, but for updates on the latest articles, please follow us on our Facebook page.



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Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


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