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What do you love about living in a City in Nature? Let us share with you the benefits of living in our green city.



  • Trees of the Mangroves


    Can you identify the trees growing in our mangroves? Get to know interesting features of some of the plants found in the intertidal area.



In this issue, we are giving away three Singapore Botanic Gardens 2022 calendars.

Contest Nov 2021


Heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses”? This reminder to take a break and enjoy the beauty of what’s around us hints at how being with nature refreshes us – simply because of biophilia.


In Singapore, we have ample opportunities to connect with nature. On the way to work or school, we can spot flowering shrubs, or hear birds singing along our roads. How about contributing to our City in Nature, by growing plants in your home or in an allotment plot?


Nature also serves as a great inspiration to us. Did you know that mangrove trees, which are specially adapted to the coastal environment, prevent coastal erosion and help to mitigate climate change? We can do well to take a leaf from them, and learn from their spirit of resilience.


Our native mangrove trees and other plants and animals each play important roles in our City in Nature. How about learning more about them, as well as how to better care for our companion animals? Find out at our NParks Buzz microsite, and through our NParksSG YouTube channel or our TikTok channel! To learn as a family and have fun together, check out our list of cool activities to do at home.


  • Felix Siew

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


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