Lodging a complaint regarding veterinary medical treatment provided

NParks/AVS regulates veterinarians and assesses complaints regarding professional conduct.

The aim of investigating a veterinary complaint is to maintain appropriate standards for the profession and the community. The complainant should, where possible, attempt to resolve the issue directly with the veterinarian, or the clinic’s veterinary manager. You can lodge a complaint with AVS if you have ascertained that the matter cannot be resolved, or if direct resolution is not an appropriate course of action.

Complaints against veterinarians require AVS to gather information from all parties, including the complainant and the veterinarian(s) involved, and an in-depth objective assessment of the facts. In more complex cases, private veterinary input may be sought. The investigation process can take at least 9 to 12 months or longer. 

Guidelines for lodging a complaint are available here.

The veterinary treatment complaint form is available here.