Public Registry of Certified Wildlife Management Specialists

A list of certified Wildlife Animal Management Specialists is available for download 
herePlease note that individuals and companies do not require approval from the Director-General of Wildlife Management to kill, trap, or take Exempted Wildlife Species (as specified in the Schedule of the Wildlife (Exemption) Order 2020).



Public Registry of Certified Community Animal Management Specialists


Private companies do not require approval from AVS to take and trap community animals such as community cats and free-roaming dogs. They must, however, adhere to the handling and transport guidelines stipulated under the Code of Animal Welfare (for the Pet Industry). 


The captured animals can be delivered to the Animal Management Centre (AMC) located at 57 Sungei Tengah Road Singapore 699013. The delivery must be done by the animal management company, and during operating hours


If the company cannot deliver during AMC’s operating hours, they must have a suitable safe and sheltered location to hold the animal. Food and clean drinking water must be provided to the animal. 


Please note that animals caught cannot be released or relocated at the discretion of the companies.


A list of certified Community Animal Management Specialists is available for download here.