Animal research facilities

Licensing of animal research facilities

The Animals and Birds (Care and Use of animals for Scientific Purposes) Rules state that any research facility intending to use animals for scientific purposes need to apply for and obtain a licence from us before commencing work on animals.

Application procedures and conditions of licensing

Please log in to LicenceOne to apply for a Animal Research Facility Licence. An active CorpPass will be required to facilitate application. Approximately 21 working days is needed to process an application that is complete and in order.

The licensing conditions for the Animal Research Facility licence are available here.

Licence fees

The licence fees are as follows.


Fee description

Total amount


Application or inspection fee for licence for animal research facilities.

S$462 per application per premises (inclusive of 7% GST).


Licence fee for animal research facilities.

S$300 per licence per annum.

(inclusive of 7% GST)


Inspection fee for renewal of licence for animal research facilities.

S$462 per inspection per premises (inclusive of 7% GST).

Submission of annual report

Under the Section 14 of the Animals and Birds (Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes) Rules and Section 7.8.1 of the NACLAR Guidelines, all animal research facilities are required to submit an annual report for the period 1 January to 31 December of each year.

The annual report template is available for download here.

For enquiries on Animal Research Facility licensing matters, please contact:

Ms Cheryl Germono
Tel: (65) 6805 2521