Reporting of notifiable diseases

If you have reason to suspect or are aware of positive detection of diseases listed in the schedule of the animals and birds (disease) notification, report this information to us immediately. These diseases may be detected in:

  • Locally obtained samples of animal or bird origin.
  • Imported samples of animal or bird origin.
  • Exported samples of animal or bird origin, regardless the location of the testing lab.

Download the Schedule of Notifiable Diseases - Annex A & B for the list of notifiable diseases, and the reporting template.

Submission of annual report

Under the Section 14 of the Animals and Birds (Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes) Rules and Section 7.8.1 of the NACLAR Guidelines, all animal research facilities are required to submit an annual report for the period 1 January to 31 December of each year.
The annual report template is available for download here.