User guide for dog licensing e-services

Download the Pet Animal Licensing System (PALS) user guide for step-by-step instructions on dog licensing e-services.

Applying for a new dog licence online

You may apply for a new dog licence online. Do take note of these dog licensing conditions before submitting your application.

Payment methods


You can pay for your licence online.


If you already have a GIRO account linked to us, the licence fee will be automatically deducted via GIRO.

Cash and cheque payments are not accepted.

Renewal of dog licence

Dog licences must be renewed before expiry.


You can renew your dog licence online.


Enjoy a 10% rebate on licence renewal fees if you pay by GIRO. It is a convenient way to ensure that the fees are paid on time.

With effect from 1 March 2018, a 10% rebate will be extended to those paying for any pet licences via GIRO, online, or at AXS stations.

You can download the GIRO application form here, and mail it to the address stated on the form. For more information on GIRO payment, refer to our website.

Upon successful GIRO subscription, the renewal fee for your dog licence will be automatically deducted via GIRO a month before the licence expiry date.

Please submit your GIRO application at least four months before your dog’s licence expires. If you do not receive a notification from us regarding your GIRO application approval at least two months before the licence expires, please make payment online, at AXS stations or through the AXS mobile application.


You can renew your licence at any AXS station or through the AXS mobile application. Just enter your licence application number, or bring along your payment notice (downloadable online from here) and scan the barcode at any AXS station to make payment. 

Updating the sterilisation status of a licensed dog

If you update the licensed dog's sterilisation status and upload its sterilisation certificate online, you can qualify for the reduced licence fee of S$15, $25, and $35 for a one, two and three-year licence respectively. This reduced fee is applicable only to licence renewal of sterilised dogs.

Changing the address where a licensed dog is being kept

The dog must be kept at the address registered on its licence. If it is kept at another place, you must inform us within 28 days of the change in address. You may be fined if you fail to do so.

You can update the licensed dog's registered address onlne.

Change of dog licensee

If there is a change in the dog licensee, you are required to initiate the transfer to the new licensee online, by providing us with the new licensee’s name, mobile number, and e-mail address.

The new licensee will then be notified to accept or reject the transfer. Once the transaction is complete, a notification will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Cancelling your dog licence

You must cancel your dog licence online and submit the following documents under the following situations:

Reason for cancellation   Supporting document 
 Dog is missing  Police report
 Dog has passed away  Death certificate
 Dog has been exported  Export certificate