Dog obedience training

The following types of dogs have to undergo basic obedience training by an AVS-accredited dog trainer:
  • Newly licensed Specified dogs.
  • Any dog assessed by AVS to be aggressive and/or potentially dangerous.
A copy of the course completion certificate must be submitted online via PALS, within 10 weeks of dog licence application, within 10 weeks from the arrival of the dog in Singapore, or within 10 weeks from the release of the dog from quarantine, whichever is later. 

Currently, dog trainers accredited by AVS fall under 2 different schemes: the Panel for Accredited Dog Trainer (PADT) scheme (in operation since 2011) and the AVS-Accredited Certified Dog Trainer (ACDT) scheme (launched on 10 Dec 2022).

From 10 Dec 2024, the PADT scheme will be replaced by the ACDT scheme; only ACDT dog trainers will be considered as AVS-accredited dog trainers.
For more information and the list of ACDT dog trainers, please refer to Accreditation of dog trainers.

To view the list of PADT dog trainers, please click here.