What to do if your pet goes missing

Inform the relevant authorities

Step 1: Immediately inform the relevant authorities

  • Contact the Animal Response Centre (ARC) at 1800 4761600, and
  • The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at (65) 62875355.

Provide the officer or staff with information such as:

  • Where and when your pet was last seen.
  • Whether your pet has a collar or ID tag.
  • Your pet's name, breed, age, sex, and colour.
  • Description of any special body markings that your pet may have.

Step 2: Put up flyers

Put up flyers around the neighbourhood, at the veterinary clinic, or at pet shops. The flyer should have a photograph of your pet, and your contact details. Search your neighbourhood and ask your neighbours for help.

Step 3: Advertise in the newspaper's classified ads section

Include information leading to your pet’s safe return and consider offering a reward for its safe return.

How you can help reunite with your missing pet

If you are the owner or caregiver of an animal, ensure that the animal is microchipped and licensed or registered with AVS. If a microchipped animal is found, AVS can quickly trace the animal to you through our microchip database, only if the animal is registered with us.


Pet dogs are required to be licensed under the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules. If a licensed dog is found, AVS can quickly contact its licensee to reunite the pet.


In addition, owners and caregivers are strongly encouraged to place an identification tag on the collar of the animal. The tags should have the name of the animal and your contact number, so that you can be easily contacted if the animal is found.