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Graphium evemon

Family Name: Papilionidae
Taxonomic Group: Invertebrates (Butterfly and Moth)
Common Name: Blue Jay


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Size 80 mm
Description In Singapore, the Blue Jay is often confused with the Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon luctatius) when in flight. There are other similar looking species in Malaysia, but the Blue Jay is the only one of the group which occurs on the main island of Singapore (the other species in the Graphium genus which was recently discovered on Pulau Ubin is the Common Jay (Graphium doson evemonides)). It can be distinguished from the other species by its black costal bar on the underside of the hindwing, which is united with the dark basal band. It is a fast-flying species and is more often distinguishable only when it stops to rest, feed or puddle. The wings are black above with a pale bluish macular band. Both wings have a series of bluish submarginal spots.




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Species record last updated on: 21 August 2019.