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Themed Gardens

Balinese Garden

Host intimate ceremonies and events in a romantic and enchanting garden setting at Balinese Garden, a themed garden at HortPark formerly known as Garden of Seasons.

Its landscape is inspired by the Balinese landscape and typified by a range of lush tropical plants, decorative ornaments, unique garden shelters and water. The unique addition of a living gazebo weaved together from the common Ficus microcarpa plants completes the lush tranquillity of the Balinese Garden. 

My Backyard Kitchen

Featuring edible plants that can be grown in your very own backyard or balcony space. This garden showcases various aromatic herbs, spices and edibles flowers perfect for tea time spreads, with an Asian twist!

Butterfly Garden

Learn more about the importance of butterflies in our ecosystem at this scenic park. Butterfly Garden cultivates suitable nectar and host plants to attract a variety of butterflies, including the endangered species.

Valley of Edibles

Look, smell, taste, touch and learn about the culinary and medical uses of various vegetables, herbs and spices at this interactive garden. You can also join us for vegetable-harvesting at our signature quarterly event, Gardeners’ Day Out.

Within the Valley of Edibles is the Edible Garden, which brings visitors on a journey through various edibles plots showcasing various leafy, colourful vegetables and heirloom varieties that can be used in our daily culinary dishes. The Valley of Edibles demonstrates sustainable gardening practices for mini gardens, which are highly useful for our urban landscapes.

Floral Walk

A pleasant walkway lined with lush flowering plants, Floral Walk is the welcoming gateway to HortPark.

Golden Garden

Located at the far end of HortPark, Golden Garden provides a visual contrast to Silver Garden with its plants radiating warmth to the surroundings. 

Native Garden

The first of its kind in Singapore, Native Garden creates attractive landscapes using the indigenous plants of Singapore. With more than 100 species of plants, this public native plant garden contains the highest concentration of native plants in urban Singapore. It aims to showcase, identify and evaluate suitable native plants for our urban landscapes. With flowing streams, wood logs, stones, and native fish and plant species, the Native Garden mimics a natural landscape that potentially attracts native fauna like birds and insects, adding to the health and vibrancy of the garden. The wide array of flora and fauna also contributes to building up Singapore’s natural environment.

Nature Playgarden

Surrounded by greenery and sounds of nature, the Nature Playgarden is designed with pre-schoolers in mind to encourage children to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature. Let children’s imagination run wild as they explore the nine different play features, built with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, sand and gravel. Children can choose from balancing on logs and climbing through tunnels, to building teepees, cooking up an imaginary feast and more. Find out more.

Pitter Patter Potter Garden

Specially designed for children from the ages of 5–10 years old, Pitter Patter Potter Garden features a Seed Dispersal Garden, a Recycling Garden, an Organic Play Centre and a Classroom in a Garden. This kiddie garden complements the primary school’s social science and natural science curricula. Schools can book the available workshops and tours designed for experiential learning.

Silver Garden

Explore the mysterious Silver Garden and learn more about the unique collection of silver, grey and white hued plants set against a backdrop of green dominated landscape.

Therapeutic Garden

The Therapeutic Garden @ HortPark is Singapore’s first therapeutic garden in a public park. Launched on 14 May 2016, the 850sqm garden boosts design elements and user-friendly features to meet the needs of the elderly, including those with conditions such as dementia and post-stroke patients. The garden also provides respite for visitors of all ages.

HortPark would serve as a reference for more therapeutic gardens in Singapore, which will benefit the ageing generation of Singaporeans in future. Even younger visitors can benefit from the restorative effects of greenery on their mental and emotional well-being in a fast-paced society.

Last updated on 06 August 2021

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