Megachilid Bees of Jurong Lake Gardens

These bees are from the family Megachilidae and are solitary or brood parasites of the nests of other bees, in contrast to the social groups of honey bees. Their nests come in all forms, ranging from soil and stem burrows, wood burrows made by beetles, on rocks, to stems and leaves. They supplement their nests with other materials, which explains their common names of Leaf-cutter Bees and Resin Bees.

Disjunct Resin Bee

disjunct resin beePhoto credit: Ong Kwan Han (

Scientific name: Megachile disjuncta
Common name: Disjunct Resin Bee
Family: Megachilidae

bee: 13.516.3 mm

♂: 8.610.5 mm

how to identify?What does it look like?

Megachilid bees like the Resin Bee have a more rectangular or oblong shape than other bees. The Disjunct Resin Bee is black with purplish metallic wings and has a patch of white hairs on the top of its abdomen near the thorax. It stores its collected pollen on the underside of its abdomen while foraging, rather than on its hind legs like other bees.