Therapeutic Garden



The Therapeutic Garden consists of two sections – one designed for adults and another for children, with features specially curated for seniors with dementia and children with conditions such as mild autism and ADHD respectively. Both sections are wheelchair-accessible.

The Therapeutic Garden for adults provides a space for reminiscing, with familiar edible plants arranged in zones (Fragrance zone, Edibles zone and a Plant Zooand nostalgic features like a stone chess table. A shelter with an extended trellis and movable planters can serve as an activity hub for organised events. Located next to the shelter are also two movable raised planters that permit seniors on wheelchairs to garden.

The Therapeutic Garden for children is designed to cater for children with mild autism, ADHD and physical disabilities. It is designed with various sensory zones (for smell, touch, sound and sight) which includes play elements, such as musical play instruments, a wheelchair-friendly crawling trellis, a labyrinth with glow in the dark pathways and floor imprints of the animals and insects found in Jurong Lake Gardens. It is also connected to the adult’s section of the Therapeutic Garden and adjoins the Butterfly Maze to provide more opportunities for young visitors to experience the therapeutic effects of greenery.

The 3,100sqm Therapeutic Garden @ Jurong Lake Gardens is the seventh therapeutic garden opened by NParks in Singapore, and the first with a section dedicated to children with special needs. Find out more about Therapeutic Gardens here!

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Map of the Therapeutic Garden and Butterfly Maze