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Kranji Marshes
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Kranji Marshes


The pond in front of Moorhen Blind and Swamphen Hide will be undergoing maintenance works on 14 Oct, 19 Oct, 2 Nov and 23 Nov (9.00am to 5.30pm). Thank you for your understanding. 

Things To Do

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    Note to Coordinators of Organised Group Visits

    Visitorship is managed at Kranji Marshes to minimise any disturbance to the natural environment. If your group size is 120 people and above, please call 67941401 or email application form to in advance.

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    Research permit application for schools to conduct research

    Schools interested in conducting research work at Kranji Marshes, please fill up the research permit and email to

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    Tips for visiting Kranji Marshes

    The terrain is rugged at parts and may be unsuitable for younger children.

    Prepare adequately, such as wearing proper footwear, bringing sufficient water, and a hat to shield themselves from the sun.

    As there is no lighting in the evenings, the nature area is open from 7am to 7pm for safety reasons.

    The area is home for many native animals. For their well-being, please do not bring dogs or other pets into this nature area.

    As this is an ecologically sensitive area, cycling is not allowed as it may disturb the wildlife there. Please park your bicycles at Kranji Gate.

    Do keep to the designated trails and appreciate any animals you may see from afar.

    Do avoid visiting the nature area during a storm, or seek shelter immediately if it rains while you are within the nature area.

    Please remember to take only what you have brought in, and leave nothing behind but footprints.

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    Bird Watching

    Throughout the year: Look out for resident birds such as eagles, kingfishers, woodpeckers, herons, bitterns and swamphens.

  • Guiding

    Guided Walks

    Free guided walks are conducted once a month, on Saturday evenings. Explore and learn more about the nature area from the experienced and knowledgeable guides who will take you around.

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    Shutterbugs will enjoy photographing a wide variety of flora and fauna at Kranji Marshes. Photographers are encouraged to submit photos to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve at and hastag #nparksbuzz when you share your photos. From time to time, selected photos will be used for our publications.

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    Trail Etiquette

    Before you begin your journey of discovery, here are some simple tips to help make visits to the nature area enjoyable for everyone:

    Enjoy the flora and fauna in this nature area. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.

    Keep noise levels low so that the peaceful silence of nature can be fully enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

    Appreciate our wildlife from afar and maintain a safe distance from them.

    Walking only on the designated trails and boardwalks will protect the vegetation and the plant and insect life there.

    For your own safety and that of others, no motorised vehicles, bicycles, skates and skateboards are allowed in the park.

    Water in the marshes is an important part of the ecosystem. Please do not swim, wade, bathe or feed the creatures in the water.

    Please refrain from feeding or releasing animals into our parks or nature reserves. Doing so may upset our fragile eco-system and cause more harm than good.

    It is our responsibility to conserve the living things in our nature area, both for our enjoyment and that of our future generations.

    For the well-being of our native flora and fauna, please abide by the Parks & Trees Act (Cap. 216) and the Parks & Trees Regulations (Cap. 216, R1).

    For enquiries, please contact NParks helpline at 1800-4717300.

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Last updated on 05 October 2016

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