Centre for Animal Rehabilitation


The Centre for Animal Rehabilitation is Singapore’s first dedicated facility for animal behavioural rehabilitation. The opening of the centre supports the existing nationwide Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme, which aims to rehome as many stray dogs as possible. This marks a key milestone in AVS’ science-based efforts to manage the stray animal population in Singapore.

The centre is equipped with specially designed features and trained professionals for effective science-based canine rehabilitation, where dog behaviour problems are diagnosed and treated in a calm and spacious environment. It is designed to mimic a typical Singaporean home with common household items, to facilitate the animal’s gradual integration into post-adoption pet life. Some of the purpose-built features include compartmentalised kennels which allow the dogs to exercise choice over its living environment, large dog runs for their exercise and activity rooms to carry out training of obedience skills.

As part of the rehabilitation process, stray dogs are physically assessed by our staff upon the dog’s arrival. This is followed by regular behavioural observations and assessments and bespoke behaviour modification plans. Once the dog is ready, AVS works closely with our Animal Welfare Group (AWG) rehoming partners to rehome the rehabilitated dog.

AVS also promotes education on animal behaviour and rehabilitation through training programmes, internships, and research. More details on these opportunities will be shared later.

Visits to the centre are on an appointment basis only.

As Singapore moves towards becoming a City in Nature – a key pillar of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, a national movement to chart our course for sustainable development – this initiative will help to promote harmonious living between the animals and the community.

Animal and Plant Health Centre

6 Perahu Road
Singapore 718827

Watch "Behind The Scenes | Centre for Animal Rehabilitation" here

AVS has partnered with the SPCA to rehome rehabilitated dogs from the Centre for Animal Rehabilitation. You may view the list of available dogs here: Sep 2023 | Feb 2024.