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Jurong Lake Gardens is a people’s garden with various spaces catered for play and recreation for the community.

Play areas 

Clusia Cove and Forest Ramble are closed on Mondays for maintenance except for Public Holidays. 

Children can play to their hearts’ content at Forest Ramble, which is a nature-inspired playground with play elements that encourage kids to mimic the actions and motions of the animals that inhabit the freshwater swamp habitat. Here, playing is infused with learning and children get to learn more about the different behaviors of animals, which we coexist with. Glide gracefully through the air like the Grey Heron, leap around like the Plantain Squirrel, or splash around like the playful Smooth-coated Otter. Head over now to discover 13 of our unique adventure stations.

At Clusia Cove, children can experience a unique water playground experience featuring tidal patterns, surface ripples and directional currents that mimic water movement of coastal shores. They can also learn about how the water they are playing in is cleansed by natural treatment methods using a water recycling system. As water from the play areas flow into the Eco Pond, it is filtered by a cleansing biotope consisting of aquatic plants. Head over to find out more about the aquatic plants that make up the cleansing biotope. 

Pet owners can also use the Dog Run to let their dogs roam free and interact with other like-minded people.

Sports and Recreation

Get active and visit our sports and recreation partners PAssion WaVe and ActiveSG Park in the gardens. The PAssion WaVe building has a range of water sport facilities such as dragon boating and kayaking for all to enjoy. Bring your family down for a day of water activities in Jurong Lake, as you take in breathtaking views of our gardens from the lake. The ActiveSG Park features an outdoor lap pool and a 24-hour gym to meet all your active lifestyle needs. You can also sign up for outdoor programmes such as yoga sessions at their facility, so keep a lookout!

Hop on a bicycle and cycle along the Park Connector Network (PCN) for a breezing ride around the gardens or embark on Cycling Trails like the Round Island Route (RIR) and Coast to Coast (C2C) trailto have a tour around Singapore.