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Exporting Plants & Plant Products

What you need to know before exporting

1. Find out the plant import health requirements of the country you are exporting to.

You can usually obtain information about these requirements from the website of the destination country’s relevant government authority.

You may want to check out these under this link.


2. Apply for and obtain a phytosanitary certificate

NParks provides phytosanitary certification services to facilitate your export.

If field inspection is required, your application for a phytosanitary certificate must reach NParks’ office at least 24 hours before the date of inspection. You can apply for the certificate via GoBusiness Licensing Portal.

The relevant fees are shown below.



Fees for inspection needed during phytosanitary certification  For flowers or plants  (a) S$12 for 24 stalks of cut-flowers/10 numbers of plants or less
 (b) S$50 for more than 24 stalks of cut-flowers/10 numbers of plants 
 For plant produce or seeds  (a) S$12 for items weighting five kg or less
 (b) S$50.00 for items weighing more than five kg
 Endorsement of phytosanitary and fumigation certificates  S$15 per set
 Replacement of phytosanitary certificate  S$12 per set

3. Participate in the Assurance Certification Scheme (ACS)

You are encouraged to participate in the Assurance Certification Scheme (ACS) to aid the export of your plants and plant products. Benefits include fuss-free inspection, where only select consignments are inspected by traders themselves prior to issuance of a phytosanitary certificate. Refer to the ACS Terms & Conditions for more information.

4. Participate in the Treatment Provider Scheme (TPS)

The Treatment Provider Scheme (TPS) is a voluntary scheme open to all treatment providers who wish to be accredited by NParks. The service providers on this list are those approved to carry out phytosanitary treatments fulfilling export certification requirements and bio-security conditions for entry of plants and plant products.

For exporters seeking services from treatment providers for fumigation or heat treatment purposes, you may wish to refer to the list of accredited treatment providers under TPS to meet your phytosanitary treatment needs.


Import Requirements of Other Countries





European Union








United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom




Last updated on 20 November 2023

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