Ask Jamie @ AVS

General information

The import and transshipment of dogs and cats involve fulfilling strict requirements and complying with necessary procedures. 

Importing refers to the act of bringing an animal into Singapore from another country. 

Transshipment refers to the act of transiting Singapore for less than 24 hours during the journey between countries. 

Dogs and cats taken out of Singapore are subject to the same regulations as those returning for the first time. 


AVS recognized pet agents

All applications for the import, export or transhipment of personal pets (e.g. dog, cat, small mammals, ornamental bird) in Singapore must be applied for, by the pet owner or through an AVS registered pet agent.  Please refer to the list of AVS recognized pet agents.

Companies that are interested to onboard as an AVS recognized pet agent are required to meet the following criteria and to pass a pet agent quiz.

  1. Registration as a company (e.g. ACRA);
  2. Operational for or employed to perform animal transport work for at least a year;
  3. Good animal handling protocols of pet animals and understanding of import requirements; in compliance with the requirements of NParks/AVS and other agencies; and
  4. Not undergoing NParks/AVS' investigation or has a past enforcement history of any animal-related or forgery offences

Please submit the relevant douments (e.g. ACRA Bizfile, SOPs etc) to for further processing.