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Import of Regulated Articles 

(Plant Pathogens, Living Annelids, Arthropods, Molluscs and Nematodes, Biological Control Agent (BCA), Living Modified Organisms, Genetically Modified Organisms (LMOs & GMOs) or Beneficial Organisms)

Under the Control of Plants (Plant Importation) Rules, Second Schedule, the import of these regulated articles into Singapore would require an Import Risk Analysis (IRA):

  • Plant pathogen
  • Living annelids, arthropods, molluscs and nematodes
  • Biological Control Agent (BCA)
  • Living Modified Organisms/Genetically Modified Organisms (LMOs/GMOs)
  • Beneficial organisms


These imports are approved on a case-by-case basis. This is to balance the need for import, our international obligations to the International Plant Protection Convention and our responsibility to protect plant health in our City in Nature. The IRA includes identifying best ways to manage biosecurity risks to a minimum.


To submit your request for an import risk analysis prior to submitting the import declaration in TradeNet, the steps are as follows. Do note that if the living organism1 is regulated by other government agencies (i.e., Singapore Food Agency for food safety related matters, etc.), we will require more time to assess your application.

1 Refers to microorganisms i.e., plant pathogens, living annelids, arthropods, molluscs, nematodes, BCAs, LMOs/GMOs and beneficial organisms/microorganisms.


1. Submission of Import Request for Import Risk Analysis

Check your intended import of the regulated article(s) against the lists of approved regulated articles below:

Approved Lists


1.   Plant pathogens

List of Approved Plant pathogens


These comprise of plant pests that can cause damage to plants.

2.   Living annelids/arthropods/molluscs/nematodes


List of Approved Living annelids Arthropods Molluscs and Nematodes

These comprise of living organisms that may benefit the environment i.e., maintenance of soil health.

Animal invertebrates that are not plant pests (i.e., stick insects, bees, earthworms, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, spiders, and tarantulas) are regulated under the Wildlife Act. For import request of these invertebrates, please click here.


3.    Biological Control Agents (BCA)


List of Approved Biological Control Agents

Biological Control Agent (BCA) is a natural enemy, an antagonist or competitor, or other organism, used for pest control.


4. Living modified organisms/genetically modified organisms (LMOs/GMOs)



This import requires an evaluation and recommendation for approval from the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) of Singapore prior to your import application to us. GMAC will notify NParks when ready.


Please email GMAC for more details at


5. Beneficial organisms or products with beneficial organisms


List of Approved Beneficial Organisms & Products with Beneficial Organisms

Products with beneficial organisms can be referred as bio-fertilisers, bio-enhancers, plant, or soil enhancers.


2. Submit your Import Request   


If your intended import is in the approved lists (Items 1 to 3 & 5 above), please click here to submit your request.

If your intended import is not in the list (Items 1 to 3 above), please click here to submit your request.

If your intended import is not in the approved list (Item 5 above), please click here to submit your request. 


3. Wait for NParks’ Import Approval

For a regulated article not in the approved list, we may need a minimum of at least three months to conclude the IRA. The processing time will also be longer if there is a need to consult other government agencies on your request.


During this whole process, we may get in touch with you to request for more details whenever necessary.


Import of these regulated articles require:

  1. An in-principle approval from NParks with the import conditions based on an import risk analysis.
  2. A membership to Bio-security Assurance Arrangement (BSAA) if you intend to import these articles on a regular basis. Click here for more information on joining the BSAA.


4. Submit your application in the Singapore Customs TradeNet


After obtaining the in-principle approval from NParks, you can submit your application of import permit with the in-principle approval via your Declaring Agent in the Singapore Customs TradeNet for each and subsequent import. A fee of $11 is payable for each import permit.




Last updated on 24 January 2024

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