Starting a farm

If you have identified new premises for the farming activities, you will first need to obtain an in-principle, no objection letter from us. This also applies for any new proposed activities related to animal farming in your existing leasehold, tenancy land, or other premises.

Before commitment to lease or purchase any newly identified premises, you need to seek necessary clearance from relevant agencies.

 Step  Description

Step 1: 

Seek an in-principle, no objection from us

Please email the following information to or

General information

  • Company profile from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) (if available)
  • Document stating building and landowner’s permission to use the space for farming
  • Tenure of leased premises (if available)
  • The type and dimension of facilities (e.g. holding area, packing area, lab area, office, etc.) planned for farming activities
  • Construction & renovation period
  • (For existing farms) Current farm productivity figures and target annual production
  • (For indoor farms) Future plans for the indoor site

Business proposal

  • Brief description of your proposal to operate a farm. This should include the location of the farm, as well as layout plans. Note that URA has restrictions for visitors amenities on farm land.
  • Brief description of the technology and farming system used
  • Types of animals to be farmed
  • Biosecurity measures to be implemented on the farm, or other plans to be implemented in the event of disease outbreak
  • Chemicals and/or medication that are intended for use
  • Marketing plan
  • Expertise, years of relevant experience and CVs of owner and staff
  • Any other relevant information (e.g. projected income & expenditure for the business)


Step 2:

Seek approval and clearance from relevant agencies


Submit the application for change of use from URA if premise is not approved for intended farming activity.

If a land-based farm is to be set up, engage a qualified person (architect or professional engineer) to submit farm plans to us for clearance, and building plan approval to BCA using the Corenet e-submission system.

If an indoor farm is to be set up, engage a qualified person (architect or professional engineer) for your renovation works.

When the premises are ready for commercial production following completion of the above steps, please proceed to apply for a farm licence. We will conduct a site visit before issuance of the licence.