Ornamental Fish Business

Moving ornamental fish business into indoor space

Companies may consider moving their operations into indoor space, subjected to approval from relevant agencies. These could include a combination of farming, import/export and retail/e-commerce activities.

Step 1: Companies are to look for suitable units in the market (e.g. B1 industrial space) that suit their business model and seek building and land owners’ consent to carry out their ornamental fish operations.

Step 2: Seek in-principal, no objection from AVS by submitting their proposal with all relevant information required for the activities to be carried out (e.g. farming, import/export). Please email your proposal to

Step 3: Seek approval from URA for change-of-use.

Step 4: Application for the necessary licences:

Dragon Fish Farm Registration Scheme

The Dragon Fish (Scleropages formosus) is also known as the Asian Arowana and is classified as an endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Appendix I). The Dragon Fish Farm Registration Scheme sets out guidelines for the farming of Dragon Fish in Singapore and the pre-requisites and requirements for the farms on the scheme. All Dragon Fish farms in Singapore must be registered, and have proper documentation of farm production and sales.

How to apply

  1. Complete information in the application form
  2. Submit the completed application form and necessary supporting documents (e.g. farm layout plans) via email to

CITES permit requirements

Dragon Fish farms that are registered under the Dragon Fish Registration Scheme must apply for CITES registration before the farm can export captive-bred fish for commercial purposes. CITES-registered farms must obtain CITES export permits via LicenceOne prior to export of the fishes.

To register with CITES, complete Annex 3 of Res Conf 12.10 Registration of operations that breed Appendix I animal species in captivity for commercial purposes. It can be downloaded here

To obtain a CITES permit, log in to LicenceOne to submit your permit application form.

Ornamental Fish Business Cluster (OFBC)

Formed in 2003, the Ornamental Fish Business Cluster aims to foster closer industry integration between the private and the government sector and to reinforce Singapore’s position as an ornamental fish export centre.