General information and classification

We regulate all import, manufacturing, and processing of pet food and feed for non-food producing animals in Singapore. The export of such feed is currently not regulated.  Feed for non-food producing animals is food meant for companion, laboratory, and zoo animals.  Rawhide chews, dog biscuits, and cat or dog treats are also considered food for companion animals.
The list of approved genetically modified crops for use as animal feed in Singapore can be found here.

The importation of feed containing cannabis and its derivatives for non-food producing animals is not allowed in Singapore.  Cannabis and its derivatives (e.g. hemp proteins, powder seeds, oil and beverages etc.) are listed as Class 'A' controlled drugs under the first schedule of the Misuse of Drug Act (MDA) and the import, trafficking, possession and consumption of Cannabis and Cannabis products are offences under the MDA.

Livestock feed and aquaculture feed are regulated by the Singapore Food Agency.