Local manufacturing and processing of animal feed

All local commercial producers of animal feed for non-food producing animals must get an AVS-issued licence before they can manufacture and process animal feed. This includes businesses that produce pet biscuits, pastries, or confectionary items for sale at retail outlets. 
We do not license the preparation or production of pet food in HDB or private residential premises. Those who purchase homemade pet food are doing so at their own risk. However, sale of pet food from residential premises may still be subject to investigation should any animal welfare issues arise from said pet food. 
We also do not license storage or warehousing of pet feed.
For more information on operating small-scale home businesses, please refer to URA’s and HDB’s guidelines.

For more information on the licensing conditions for feedmills, click here.

Applying for animal feed licence


Please log in to GoBusiness Licensing Portal to apply for an Animal Feed Licence for non-food producing animals. An active CorpPass will be required to facilitate the application.

It takes an estimated 21 working days to process an application that is complete and in order.

The fee payable for an Animal Feed Licence is S$240 per year.

Click here for more information on the application for an Animal Feed licence.


Labelling requirements for animal feed

Animal feed and pet food sold in Singapore must be packaged and labelled in English and contain the following information:
  • The ingredients list.
  • The manufacturing and expiry date.
  • The species of animal for which the pet food is intended.
  • The name and address of the importer.