Animal Quarantine Centre (AQC)

The Animal Quarantine Centre (AQC) provides quarantine facilities for imported dogs and cats. During quarantine, animals will be observed and monitored for clinical signs of exotic diseases, such as rabies.

Reserving quarantine space

Step  Description 
Step 1:
Find out if your pet needs to be quarantined when it arrives in Singapore.
Step 2: 

Please reserve a quarantine space through our Quarantine management systemAs there is high demand for quarantine spaces, we encourage applicants to book early.

Facilities, services, and fees

AQC provides a range of accommodation and facilities that will make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. AQC's facilities include:

  • Kennels (4.3 m by 1.8 m by 2.14 m) comprising an indoor room and an outdoor run
  • Cattery rooms (1.7 m by 1.2 m by 2m)
  • A choice of air conditioned or non-air conditioned (fan-fitted) rooms
  • Exercise fields
  • Grooming rooms

Quarantine and related fees

AQC fees are as follows:
Description  Fee 
Transport charge from the Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Station or Tuas Checkpoint to AQC.
  • S$74 per dog or cat per trip.
 Rabies vaccination (if required).
  •  S$65 per dog or cat.

Quarantine fees for dogs and cats, inclusive of:

  • veterinary examination
  • feed
  • daily cleaning
  • S$16.80 per dog or cat per day (non-air conditioned).
  • S$26.25 per dog or cat per day (air conditioned).

AQC pet services

At AQC, your pet will receive professional care in the form of:

  • Proper care by a team of experienced animal handlers
  • Daily checks by on-site veterinary staff
  • Quality commercial dry or canned pet food (for dogs and cats)
  • Morning walks in exercise fields for dogs

AQC will contact you or your pet agent if your pet requires veterinary attention. You are required to engage your own private veterinarian to visit your pet at AQC and bear the necessary charges.

What pet owners can do

In addition to the services provided at AQC, you can take the following steps to ensure that your pet’s specialized needs are met:

  • Bring bedding and toys to make your pet comfortable.  AQC does not take responsibility for any items brought into or left at the station.
  • If your pet requires medication during its stay, please indicate this during the QMS application. AQC staff will only administer medication with the prescription and instructions from your attending veterinarian.
  • Walk your dog in AQC’s exercise field. Owners are given 15 minutes during visiting hours to use the exercise field. Slots are available on a first come, first served basis.  You can book the field on the day of your visit. Use of the field is free of charge.
  • Bring your own grooming equipment to clean and groom your pet in AQC’s grooming room. AQC does not provide grooming or bathing services. The use of the grooming rooms is free of charge, but you are required to make a booking first. Owners are given 30 minutes to use these grooming rooms. Make a booking for a grooming room at least two days in advance either via email: or at the AQC reception counter.

Service hours

 Visiting Hours
 Mondays - Fridays  3 pm - 5 pm
 Saturdays  2 pm - 5 pm
 Sundays and Public Holidays  Closed
 Use of Grooming Room
 Mondays - Fridays                                3 pm - 4:30 pm      
 Saturdays  2 pm - 4:30 pm
 Sundays and Public Holidays  Closed
 Dog Walking / Exercise Hours
 Monday - Fridays                                                 3 pm - 4:45 pm       
 Saturdays  2 pm - 4:45 pm
 Sundays and Public Holidays  Closed


 Pet Collection Hours (i. e. Quarantine release hours)
 Mondays - Sundays including Public holidays  10 am - 12 pm      
 You must collect your pet on specified release date.  Extension of quarantine is not allowed.


Location and contact details

Address  How to get there 
Animal Quarantine Centre        
2 Jalan Lekar
Singapore 698919 

Bus: 172, 975 (alight at Home Team Academy)

MRT: Choa Chu Kang Station (transfer to bus 172), Opp Phoenix Station (transfer to bus 975)