Import licence requirements for pathogens

Each import consignment of pathogens must be accompanied by an AVS-issued import licence. In addition:

  • You must have a licence to possess veterinary biologics before importing pathogens.
  • The pathogen you import must be approved by us. Our select list of pathogens is available here.

The documents below contain more information on pathogen import requirements:

Apply for an AVS-issued import licence

Apply for an import licence for pathogens via TradeNet.

An import licence fee of S$22 is applicable per consignment. 

The application process for pathogens that you have previously imported generally takes one working day.

If you are importing pathogens for the first time, you must submit a risk assessment in the attached format to our Biologics Evaluation Committee (BEC) for import consideration. You can then e-mail the completed form to BEC Secretariat via email at

You may proceed to apply for your import licence via TradeNet  after you have completed the application and passed the risk assessment.