Cat Management Framework

The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster of the National Parks Board (NParks), announced the finalised Cat Management Framework on 11 May 2024. AVS will roll out the framework, with a two-year transition period for cat licensing starting 1 September 2024. The framework comprises:


1) A mandatory licensing and microchipping scheme to enhance the welfare and traceability of pet cats that will be rolled out from 1 September 2024, with a two-year transition period till 31 August 2026;  


2) A Trap-Neuter-Rehome/Release-Manage (TNRM) programme for community cats; and


3) Education and outreach on responsible pet cat ownership and community cat caregiving


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The framework strives to improve the welfare and management of pet and community cats, while striking a balance between the differing views on keeping of cats and maintaining a harmonious living environment for all. 


The finalised framework incorporates the wide-ranging views of stakeholders and members of the public, through our public engagement exercises such as online surveys and focus group discussions. The latest public survey closed on 1 February 2024, and key results are as follows:


Number limits for cats in HDB flats:

i.  About 65% of all respondents are supportive of or are neutral about allowing up to two cats in HDB flats

ii. Of the remaining respondents, about equal proportions want more than, or fewer than, two cats in HDB flats. 13.5% of all respondents want more than two cats, while more than 12% want one cat or no cats to be allowed in HDB flats. 

Number limits for cats in private premises:

i. About 70% of all respondents are supportive of or are neutral about allowing three cats and/or dogs in private premises.

ii. About 10% of all respondents want fewer cats and/or dogs to be allowed, while about 7% want more to be allowed in private premises.


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