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Teck Seng's Place

House 363B was owned by Mr Chew Teck Seng, a local provision shop owner from 1970 to 2005. It was home to three generations of his family. The Chew family used to pursue poultry farming, vegetable farming and ran a provision shop in the village centre know as the 'Teck Seng Provision Shop' that supplied the canteens around the various quarries located around Pulau Ubin as a source of income. The house was returned to state in 2005 when Mr Chew's family resettled to mainland Singapore.

The house has since been conserved and refurbished as a model Chinese kampong house. The original architecture was retained and minimal changes were made to conserve its rustic charm. The house now serves as an immersive "museum" that takes guests back in time to life on Pulau Ubin during the 1970s. Many items in the house, including furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils and photograph were donated by past and residents, as well as friends of Pulau Ubin.

Teck Seng’s Place is currently one of the highlights in NParks’ Kampung Tour, held on every third Saturday of the month. Ubin Fruit Orchard and Teck Seng’s Place will also be highlights in NParks’ new Rustic Reflections Tour, which will commence next year on every third Saturday of the month. Members of the public can read more on our Kampong Tour and Rustic Reflection Tour for updates and more information on how to register for these guided tours.