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Videos and Media

Virtual Biodiversity Tour – Chek Jawa Wetlands

Get transported to Pulau Ubin through a virtual tour of:

  • Sensory Trail Pond
  • Chek Jawa Wetlands
  • Jejawi Tower to get a panoramic view of Chek Jawa Wetlands
  • Bat House

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Pulau Ubin of Yesteryear

Take a journey through history to discover life on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s through this 30-minute Chinese television feature by the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now Mediacorp) in 1990.



Virtual Tour - Chek Jawa Wetlands

Get transported to Pulau Ubin through a virtual tour of Chek Jawa Wetlands as we bring you to the Sensory Trail Pond, Chek Jawa Wetlands, Jejawi Tower and Bat House!



Virtual Biodiversity Tour – Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Explore the freshwaters habitats and learn about our species recovery efforts at Pulau Ubin along the way to Ketam Mountain Bike Park.



Virtual Tour - Revamped Kampung Houses

Did you know that some of the kampung houses on Pulau Ubin have been given a new lease of life? Find out more about this initiative undertaken by NParks and the Friends of Ubin Network to revitalise kampung life and retain the heritage and rusticity of Pulau Ubin.



Virtual tour of the Military Installation on Pulau Ubin

Take a virtual tour back in time as our host shares more about the Military Installations built during the Second World War that are still found on Pulau Ubin. This is an exclusive virtual tour of the site which is inaccessible by the public.



Pulau Ubin’s houses and settlements and its socio-cultural landscape histories

Learn about the possibilities of dissolving the natural-cultural dichotomy to restore and conserve the island’s physical landscape. This is done through fieldwork documentation of four houses in Kampong Sungei Durian and Kampong Surau in Pulau Ubin, interview of current and former residents, and research into the settlement’s histories.



Working with nature to restore our mangroves by the National University of Singapore

Mangroves provide us with many ecological and economic benefits, and many people are now interested to restore them and increase their area. Join Associate Professor Dan Friess (NUS) as he shares more about mangrove restoration. Successful mangrove restoration faces many challenges, though a new approach - Ecological Mangrove Restoration - is helping us to overcome these challenges in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond.



Accessibility Ubin: Jetty for All by Accessible Ubin

The Accessibility Plan for Ubin was announced in 2019, with the aim to make the island more accessible for people from all walks of life. Colin Chew, a member of the Friends of Ubin Network and leader of Accessible Ubin will be sharing plans for a new floating pontoon jetty at Ubin Living Lab. Participants are welcomed to share ideas to improve the jetty spaces.



The Importance of Pulau Ubin for Bird Conservation with Nature Society (Singapore)

Join Kim Chuah and Ding Li from Nature Society (Singapore) Bird Group as they focus on the birds of Pulau Ubin, recent discoveries and the importance of Pulau Ubin for bird conservation at the national and international scale.



NParks Webinar – Findings from the First Comprehensive Ubin Biodiversity Survey

Find out more about the biodiversity that can be found on Pulau Ubin through a sharing of the results of the first Comprehensive Ubin Biodiversity Survey, featuring some new findings and interesting sightings.